NZFW Day 4 – Artistic Chic At Kate Sylvester And Huffer

Day 4 at NZFW was all about playfully elegant wear. Making an appearance at the Kate Sylvester and Huffer shows, Kristen’s uniquely-cut blouse with art-deco pants matched perfectly with these specialty brand styles. Let’s take a look at the Skirts and Squats incorporation of these fashion philosophies!   Kristen’s Outfit Kristen’s grey, decorated jeans were…

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Day 1: The Tailored Suit At The Zambesi Show

There was no better way to kick off New Zealand Fashion Week than with a NZ-proud label: Zambesi.   Mercedes-Benz’s designer of 2017 was Zambesi, who even made two freshly-fashioned ensembles for the opening night showcase. This evening show was all about elegance, glamour, and luxury… so Kristen’s Skirts and Squats high-end style fit in…

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NZ Fashion Week ‘17 Day 3

Day 3 of NZFW was ripe with daring, sultry design for Skirts and Squats. Kristen attended two shows, Wynn Hamlyn and Stolen Girlfriends Club, in an outfit that screamed bold, seductive, and classic. The Look   The star of the show was the pair of red leather thigh-high heels. A staple in Kristen’s wardrobe, these…

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NZ Fashion Week ’17 Day 2

Kristen has walked her first NZ Fashion Week as a Skirts and Squats blogger—and it was a phenomenal success! Dressed by a variety of designers and collections, Kristen was able to show off her personal style while also revealing the hottest trends of the upcoming season.   Her day 2 outfit was a vintage-grunge smash…

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All About Gingham Style In The Benz

Are you an ambitious, driven, committed lady looking to make a trendy splash in the workplace? It’s hard to find an outfit that combines trend with professionalism. You want to maintain your sense of style 9-5, but you don’t want to lose that confidence and control that is associated with business attire.   This gingham…

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Playful Colors On A White Benz Backdrop

You recently saw an article where I pulled down the top of my Mercedes C-Class convertible and rode off in an elegant green, silky dress with snakeskin heels. But this time, we’re turning around and going in the complete opposite direction! That’s right, everyone. Time to make a fashion U-turn!   The Dress This Trelise…

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A Luxurious Drive With Mercedes and Trelise Cooper

There’s nothing more sultry and luxurious than a silky, backless dress and a convertible Mercedes-Benz! I love the feel of silk and leather against my skin, hehe. 😉   I feel so lavishly fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this shoot with Mercedes Benz and Trelise Cooper! The Dress   This green, silky…

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Owning A Confident Princess Look

Ever since I was a little girl, I imagined growing up to be a princess (or a queen!). I loved their gorgeous dresses, playful spirits, and most of all the power they held to influence those around them. Princesses are in a dominant role that allows them to positively impact the world…and they look gorgeous…

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How To Dress For Catwoman Confidence

Where does your power come from?   Today, my power comes from a sexy, sultry outfit inspired by Catwoman!   Catwoman wears a tight, black, leather one-piece outfit that’s perfect for pouncing, playing, and ruling the night. In my opinion, she’s one of the strongest anti-heroes out there, and she always rocks it with style…

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Mixing and Matching Patterns For The Ultimate Workout

Working out isn’t for the meek—it’s for the bold, adventurous, and fearless! It’s for those of us who want to constantly better ourselves and live our healthiest life. It’s for the people willing to take risks towards improvement. That’s why I love working out in a bold statement outfit to match my daring work out…

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