Up, Up, And Away Into The Stylish Sky

I’m standing in front of the Sky World Centre amidst bustling excitement of restaurants, bars, entertainment, and so much more. People are flying by me making friends, falling in love, and living their lives. And I’m standing in the middle of it all—absolutely loving life!   I love what the Sky World building represents. I’m…

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Andrea Moore’s Polka Dot Playful Trench

Shopping at Andrea Moore is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend! Not only are the styles bold and unique, but also I love the story behind the brand! Andrea and her partner Brian are as Kiwi a duo as you can get, and they work together to create a creative array of…

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The Outfit of a Modern Day Queen

One of my favorite lifestyle quotes is:   A queen.   I think that’s a perfect way to show off that you are confident, influential, and strong—no matter what! And I’m feeling especially assertive today, so regal power is what this outfit is all about.   The Jacket     This military-inspired jacket might remind…

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Are YOU Vintage Lucky?

“She’s so lucky, she’s a star.”   Britney Spears’ song “Lucky” always makes me wistful for the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. I remember singing this song in my bedroom in front of the mirror… Sometimes I still do!   Sometimes it feels really good to recall a younger time. I think that’s why ‘90s…

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Holy Chic… I Look Good

I mentioned in my last article that I’ve been going for an edgier sort of style recently. But I still love classy and elegant outfits that make the wearer look intensely regal! So in this outfit, I decided to mix the two styles together for a unique look that’s trendsetting and flirty!   The Holy…

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Par Amour: By Love, With Style

Have you ever felt like you needed a new look or flair? Maybe you want to add pearls to your office wear, create an art gallery-ready outfit, or rock heels when you go to the park. Whatever look you’re going for, I encourage you to try it!   One day, I bought a pair of…

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The Trendy Red Powerhouse Pantsuit

Power pantsuits aren’t just for the office anymore. They add a gorgeous look to any event, since they’re so tailored and flattering! Plus, they look great on every woman no matter size or shape because they hug all the right areas—and hide the not-so-great ones! Check out this article by StyleCaster with some hot celebrities…

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Trelise Cooper’s Spring Velvety Green

I am all about Trelise Cooper this season! If you haven’t seen her collections, you’re missing out! As an example, check out this spring velvety green ensemble! The Skirt This is the Trelise Cooper Crispy Irresistible Skirt—and it is definitely irresistible! I love how the pleats are long and sophisticated, and there are even smaller-cut…

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Think Pink, Wear Pink

When you think of an all-pink outfit, you probably think of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or a classic Barbie doll. I like to change it up, though! I wear all pink in a good girl gone bad sort of way, where different shades of pink bring out a new and sexy look. I call…

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Celebrating Fashion, Confidence, And You

  It’s the season of celebrations, from graduation and birthday parties to weddings and baby showers, there are a million events filling our calendars! I like having a go-to party look that I can feel relaxed and comfortable in while still rocking my own personality and style!   So let’s go party!   The Black…

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