Polished Pep on the Pie

There’s no better way to enjoy the wonderful weather than spending a day on the pier in the sun, walking arm and arm with a friend, having fun! I chose to wear an elegant, Jackie O-style outfit to enjoy this breezy day by the water! It really put the pep in my step and the…

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How To Wear Art

Fashion is wearable art. The best way to outwardly express the inner you is through your appearance. It instills confidence in the wearer while creating a specific vibe and aura to others. The Dress   This dress is straight out of an art gallery—or directly from an artist’s palette! This pale red dress has both…

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Calling Your Inner Garden Goddess

In my posts, I’ve taught you how to feel like a queen, a princess, and even a sailor! Today, it’s all about your inner goddess and letting her shine through! Roaming through the luscious green gardens in this decades-mix outfit makes me look and feel just like the goddess I know I am! 🙂  …

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Oh My God—I absolutely cannot get enough of OMG sportswear! As you can see in my pictures, I love running and I love OMG—but I especially love running while wearing my OMG! You can’t help but smile when you look and feel great while working out!   Do you ever wear a sports bra and…

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The Truest Yoga at True Yoga

  Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, doing yoga for strength or flexibility, wearing yoga clothes to workout or just to lounge out—you will fall madly in love with the OMG sportswear brand! And you’ll love wearing this comfortable, stylish, and sweat-ready apparel in a bright, free, and vivacious studio like True Yoga!  …

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A Surprising Use of Red Leather Boots

  Do these red boots look familiar to you?   A lot of us are hesitant to purchase a bold shoe. Shoes work to pull together the whole outfit, so they need to match perfectly. You don’t want a pair of red boots just sitting in your closet with nowhere to wear them.   But…

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Daydreaming in Sparkles

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”   A beautiful line from one of my favorite Disney movies: Cinderella. And that’s how I felt dreaming and wishing, hoping and longing as I meandered through these gorgeous, thought-provoking streets.   Celebrities’ Style & Runway Looks From left: Jasmine Tookes, Paris Hilton, Jessica Szohr, Beyonce, Kendal…

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Do These 6 Moves For Limber Legs

I’ve been showing you some amazing and sexy pants, skirts, and dresses in my recent fashion posts—like my office-ready slit-pencil skirt, my pink ruffle skirt, and my wherever-sundress. All of them have one thing in common (except for amazing style, obvi)… they show off the legs! That means it’s time for us to get working…

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How To Make Downtown Your Town

  There is nothing better than a day spent shopping and browsing downtown! I love window-shopping in the sun and fresh air, checking out all of the trends and fashion in the surrounding stores! But don’t forget to rock your own trends and style as you strut past those fashion-filled windows! Check out some inspiration…

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Channel Your Inner, Sexy Sailor

  That’s right, we all have an inner, sexy sailor in us. And I’m not talking about Kiera Knightley or Orlando Bloom (well, maybe I am a little bit). I decided to put on a not-so-typical nautical outfit for my day on the boat. You might probably expect a summery outfit out on the water,…

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