Think Pink, Wear Pink

When you think of an all-pink outfit, you probably think of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or a classic Barbie doll. I like to change it up, though! I wear all pink in a good girl gone bad sort of way, where different shades of pink bring out a new and sexy look. I call…

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Celebrating Fashion, Confidence, And You

  It’s the season of celebrations, from graduation and birthday parties to weddings and baby showers, there are a million events filling our calendars! I like having a go-to party look that I can feel relaxed and comfortable in while still rocking my own personality and style!   So let’s go party!   The Black…

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Mother’s Day Makeover – Skirts and Squats x NZSale

  Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there! One day per year is not enough to celebrate all that you do for your families! I wanted to give back to mothers this year. So I paired with NZSale to style Annie, this gorgeous and fun mom! I truly believe that style and…

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How To Be Fierce In Ocean Blue And White

We’re coming into summertime, and nothing reminds me more of carefree, fun summers than the nautical colors of blue and white! But rather than going for the traditional maritime blue and white stripes or sailors’ anchors, I decided to make a bold, sultry fashion statement with a play on this blue and white theme!  …

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All About The 80s Military Jacket

  We’ve seen a resurgence of the ‘60s and ‘70s in recent years, and now we’re full force into the ‘80s and ‘90s trends! But these trends are not just about revisiting fashion eras—they’re about mixing and uniting decades to create a new, contemporary look. You’ll find this in a subtle, sexy way with my…

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Polished Pep on the Pie

There’s no better way to enjoy the wonderful weather than spending a day on the pier in the sun, walking arm and arm with a friend, having fun! I chose to wear an elegant, Jackie O-style outfit to enjoy this breezy day by the water! It really put the pep in my step and the…

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How To Wear Art

Fashion is wearable art. The best way to outwardly express the inner you is through your appearance. It instills confidence in the wearer while creating a specific vibe and aura to others. The Dress   This dress is straight out of an art gallery—or directly from an artist’s palette! This pale red dress has both…

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Calling Your Inner Garden Goddess

In my posts, I’ve taught you how to feel like a queen, a princess, and even a sailor! Today, it’s all about your inner goddess and letting her shine through! Roaming through the luscious green gardens in this decades-mix outfit makes me look and feel just like the goddess I know I am! 🙂  …

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Oh My God—I absolutely cannot get enough of OMG sportswear! As you can see in my pictures, I love running and I love OMG—but I especially love running while wearing my OMG! You can’t help but smile when you look and feel great while working out!   Do you ever wear a sports bra and…

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The Truest Yoga at True Yoga

  Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, doing yoga for strength or flexibility, wearing yoga clothes to workout or just to lounge out—you will fall madly in love with the OMG sportswear brand! And you’ll love wearing this comfortable, stylish, and sweat-ready apparel in a bright, free, and vivacious studio like True Yoga!  …

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