I’ve been showing you some amazing and sexy pants, skirts, and dresses in my recent fashion posts—like my office-ready slit-pencil skirt, my pink ruffle skirt, and my wherever-sundress. All of them have one thing in common (except for amazing style, obvi)… they show off the legs! That means it’s time for us to get working out on our legs, right ladies?

Let’s limber up!


Leg Stretch


This first pose is a warm-up for the back of your legs, inner thighs, and butt. The best way to get a deep leg stretch is by lying on your back and pulling the knee towards the chest, as you see in the picture. Be sure to keep the leg straight, or you could injure the muscles around your knee. This stretch not only loosens the tightness in your legs, but it also opens the pelvis and warms up the lower back!


How far can you pull your leg back?


If you can’t pull it back far just yet, don’t worry. Modify this stretch by folding your knee into your chest. I promise that every day you do this leg stretch, you will get a little more flexible! Soon your shin will be touching your face with ease! Hehe.



Toe Stand


This toe stand takes a lot of balance and flexibility, but it works the essential muscles at one time! This yoga pose especially boosts range of motion in the ankles and hips while boosting your stability and centering your mind. It also has been shown to improve arthritis in the lower joints!


You can put your palms together in front of your chest, or you can put them straight out for added balance—and to get an arm workout! (The more muscles the better, if you ask me!)



One-Legged Dog Pose


You’ve down downward dog in yoga before. Now it’s time to intensify this pose and really work those hips, butt, and hamstrings! In downward dog, lift one leg up towards the sky, while keeping all of your limbs straight. The one-legged dog pose should make you look like you’re a large triangle!


This pose can actually help lower high blood pressure, and it will increase your balance without the worry of falling over (like other balance-based yoga poses)!



Balancing Star


The balancing star, on the other hand (pun intended), will boost your balance in a much more intense way. In this pose, you are resting solely on two of your four limbs (hint, those two limbs aren’t your two legs).


This pose will work your hamstrings, thighs, butt, core, arms, lower back, upper back, and even your neck muscles! It opens up your entire body, which also helps to open up your mind and soul. This is definitely one of the boldest and most mentally clarifying poses!


It’s not an easy pose, but don’t forget to have fun with it!



Wind Relieving Pose


The wind relieving pose is perfect for everyone, and it is a great cool down for your legs. It helps release any built up tension in the thighs, hamstrings, and glutes, while also massaging your belly and lower back for a better internal system!


It’s called the wind relieving pose because it can actually help relieve gas and bloating in the intestines! I love to do this pose right before going on a big date or slipping into a tight-fitting jumpsuit!



Arm Stretch




The arm stretch is my favorite way to end any workout. Even though we primarily focused on legs and hips in this session, your arm and core were also worked. Don’t forget to stretch out every part of your body after working out, otherwise you’ll feel tense the next day without even realizing why!


Crop top from Victoria Secret 

Legging from Nike

Sneaker from Nike



What does your leg day workout look like? How do you use yoga to limber up your legs?