We’ve seen a resurgence of the ‘60s and ‘70s in recent years, and now we’re full force into the ‘80s and ‘90s trends! But these trends are not just about revisiting fashion eras—they’re about mixing and uniting decades to create a new, contemporary look.

You’ll find this in a subtle, sexy way with my red and black statement outfit! There’s a ‘90s pattern tee, a ‘80s red military jacket, and all the style of 2017! This look really shows that girls just want to have fun—from the ‘80s to today!



Underneath The Jacket

This black rib T-shirt is simple and classic, with the ‘90s double stripe along the chest and short sleeves. I love how this gives a casual look that could come right out of a ‘90s hip-hop music video—but it’s also dressy enough to go out and about in! As athleisure starts to fade away, form-fitting tees have taken place as the cool and comfy trend! Even graphic T-shirts are making a huge comeback! Check out this article by WhoWhatWear that shows off some more of the 2017 T-shirt trends!


My red pants are back with a vengeance! My goal this spring has been to show you how versatile a bold, solid pant can be as your fashion go-to! I’ve worn these pants when channeling my inner, sexy sailor and hitting the streets, emulating the numerous celebrities that rock their red pants!


Red is a sexy, vibrant color that instantly boosts your inner and outer confidence! Feel fiery, feel fierce, feel red!


The Military Jacket


Yes, I’m wearing red on top and bottom! It can be intimidating to wear the same color pants and jacket because you feel like you’re in a jumpsuit or you worry it won’t match properly. The key is to use varying shades of the same color. You’ll notice that my jacket is a slightly more vibrant version of the deeper red pants. These are different hues from the same color family. This creates a dynamic appearance that’s both bright and stunning—and incredibly bold!


Red is a strong color, which is perfect for this ‘80s military jacket! Military clothing was huge in the ‘80s, and I’m not surprised that this trend is back! This look gives off a sense of power and authority. It shows you are taking control of yourself and your existence. It’s just like the 1984 song; Everybody Wants To Rule The World!


These militaristic details, like the double buttons and gold and black detailing on the half-sleeve, create a unique jacket that is sure to draw attention. I love women’s cufflinks, because they turn traditional fashion on its head to challenge “classic” female stereotypes. I also adore the gold star detailing on the black collar. It creates a stark contrast that pulls the eye towards the neck and face.


The Sunglasses



No spring outfit is complete without sunglasses! You’ll notice that these glasses aren’t the same color scheme as the outfit—they’re navy against a red and black background. This neutral color adds a modern and contemporary look, especially with the feline shape of the glasses.


I love adding unexpected accessories to my outfits to make them totally unique and all mine! Isn’t that what fashion is all about? Expressing you!





Jacket from Ralph Lauren

Rib Shirt from CUE

Pants from CUE

Sunglasses from Quay Australia

Photos by Luke Martin

Would you wear a military jacket? What do you think of this mix of ‘80s and ‘90s? Leave comments below!