Shopping at Andrea Moore is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend! Not only are the styles bold and unique, but also I love the story behind the brand! Andrea and her partner Brian are as Kiwi a duo as you can get, and they work together to create a creative array of clothing.



Their design sensibility is, “Look for the unexpected tension and contrast, find the twist.” You can feel that wave of striking contrasts and beauty the moment you step through the doors of their store. It’s impossible not to walk out with a bag filled with “slouchy elegant” clothes.


In fact, I loved this dress so much that I wore it right out of the store!

The Dress

This Andrea Moore jacket dress has a collar and tie, giving it a professional and sophisticated look. Still, the low cut makes it flirty in an elegantly mysterious way.


This dress is black with a sparkling sheen, so it almost looks like dark denim. It has that metallic vibe without being too ‘90s bold. It puts a twist on the traditionally dark black to make it lighter and freeing.


“You won’t find much black in our stores or collections, I believe color gives everyone the ability to truly be an individual,” says Andrea of her Andrea Moore collection.



So that’s where the gold polka dots come in! This playful pattern is the ultimate in vintage chic. Polka dot dresses have been the epitome of femininity since the 1920s. Paired with a collar and tie, this type of dress was made to show off the female form and beauty. I love how this Andrea Moore dress takes that traditional look and modernizes it—making it both femininely beautiful and feminist powerful. Plus, its unique cut accentuates every body shape!


The Loafers



Here comes Gucci again! These loafers are perfect because they are black and professional with the gold Gucci symbols to match the gold polka dots. The white pearls on the heels match the circular dots on the dress. Together, this creates a cohesive look that screams “powerhouse outfit!”


I also love how comfortable these loafers are. The leather with the band makes your foot fit securely, but the heel adds a bit of platform height. Gorgeous! 🙂


The Glasses


Don’t forget about my white, feline eye sunglasses! This one accessory ties together the entire vintage feminine look. Plus, the white is boldly striking against the black and gold—but it still matches the white pearls on the Gucci loafers! Everything comes together beautifully in a classically elegant style.


Pair it with a red lip for that extra zing! Plus, the red lipstick matches the red of my Andrea Moore bag. Don’t you just love when everything is coordinated—even your shopping bags? 😉



Sunglasses from Shop Demure

Trench from Andrea Moore

Shoes from Gucci


Have you ever shopped at Andrea Moore? What did you buy? Let me know in the comments below for a chance to win my favorite Andrea Moore accessory!