“She’s so lucky, she’s a star.”


Britney Spears’ song “Lucky” always makes me wistful for the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. I remember singing this song in my bedroom in front of the mirror… Sometimes I still do!


Sometimes it feels really good to recall a younger time. I think that’s why ‘90s fashion is coming back with such a force… and I absolutely love it! 🙂


This is the perfect outfit to mix the old with the new and the vintage with the trendy!


The Vintage Lucky Sweater Dress

This Holy Chic jumper is the epitome of today’s trends. Graphic tees have been finding their way into the 2017 fashion scene, and so quasi-graphic writing of “Vintage Lucky” brings out that idea in a simple way. I love how the words are knitted on, giving them a large yet still subtle appearance. The words stand out from the white knit sweater, but they also match gorgeously with the maroon striping at the neckline and hemline. (Plus, these maroon stripes draw attention to the neck and thighs in a conservatively cool way!)


Oversized sweaters are also super “in” for every season of 2017. I love how this one stops halfway down the arm so it’s not too baggy. This dress is the perfect mixture of ‘90s grunge trends but with a fun and flirty 2017 style!



I paired this dress with a black, jeweled Gucci belt, which shows off the waist and makes the oversized sweater have a shape to it. Gucci is a great brand to show off right now, because they are one of the top revolutionaries in modern-day grunge fashion. Check out my article “Par Amour: By Love, With Style” to see more of how Gucci is changing their look!


Plus, the studs on the belt match perfectly with my shoes!


The Lace Up Thigh Highs

You know I love shoes that make a statement, like my red leather boots. Forget diamonds—I think shoes are a girl’s best friend! Just ask Cinderella. But these heels are anything but princess shoes.


Thigh highs were hot last fall. This season they’re staying in trend but with a new flare. In the warmer weather, you can still stay cool in these trendy thigh-highs by leaving some room for a breeze with the lace-up in front. These are a sultry and sexy addition to an oversized sweater or coat. Plus, lace-ups are great because you can adjust them to the size of your legs—no trying to squeeze your toned legs into boots that are too small for all your muscles.


But where can you wear these heels? Anywhere! I love Who What Wear’s article with tips on how to wear thigh high boots. They also agree that sweater dresses and thigh-highs are a great combo!


This is the perfect first date look out on the town. It’s conservative yet sexy, cute yet powerful, vintage yet trendy! I paired it with my black Chanel bag to add another layer of sophistication; but I also put a black hair tie on the wrist to keep it casual and flirty.




Jumper from Holy Chic

Belt from Gucci

Sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana 


Do you feel vintage lucky today? How do you use ‘90s styles in your trends? Let me know in the comments below!