I’m standing in front of the Sky World Centre amidst bustling excitement of restaurants, bars, entertainment, and so much more. People are flying by me making friends, falling in love, and living their lives. And I’m standing in the middle of it all—absolutely loving life!


I love what the Sky World building represents. I’m ready to fly high up into the sky in this bold Andrea Moore bird feather dress. It mixes the trendy with the traditional in the same way that Sky World pulls together all sorts of shops for a unique experience. This outfit reflects the freedom and excitement found inside the Sky World Centre—and also the independence that comes with birds flying high into the “sky”!


The Dress

This Andrea Moore dress is filled with bird feathers that become a pattern on the dress. I love how the graceful, floating feathers amplify the flowingness of this long, sheer dress. The side tie further shows off this casual and carefree spirit. It’s a dress that makes you feel uninhibited, beautiful, and happy-go-lucky!


You know that I believe that fashion is a wearable artistic statement, and these feathers are truly symbolic. They represent birds flying away to new heights, traveling to exotic places. It’s a free and adventurous symbol that enhances the spirit of wanderlust and curiosity within you.


Plus, feathers are trending right now! Andrea Moore always has the chicest styles for today’s hot looks.


The Long Sleeve Shirt


Pair the trendiness of the feathers with the vintage look of the polka dots to create a unique and eye-catching look. The polka dots are fun and flirty, while the sheer fabric adds a sexy mystery to the outfit.


The white of the polka dots matches the white of the feathers. These two different patterns are unified with the same color, which both work in striking contrast against the black backdrop of the dress.


Notice how I paired a long sleeve shirt with a sundress? This is a great way to stay warm in the cool of the winter but still rock your favorite sundress all year long!


The Heels


I love the look of heels with a long, flowing dress. It makes your legs look longer and leaner, and it helps build confidence to strut your stuff! Do you remember these heels from my other dynamic dress back in February?


These shoes have a white geometric pattern that almost looks like a cage—but with these free feathers, this little birdie is breaking out of her cage! I love how this geometric pattern is so unexpected and adds another dynamic texture to the overall look of the outfit. These heels are the same color as the polka dots and feather patterns, adding yet another layer of vibrancy.


The Makeup and Accessories

The makeup also adds another unexpected contrast against the black and white of this dress. The dark, smoky eye matches the face with the outfit, while the red lip pops and excites. This deep red draws attention to the face in a dramatic way. I love adding a bit of red for a sultry bad-girl vibe with any outfit.


Even my hair goes from dark to light in a cool ombre. This reflects the black and white of the outfit to create even more tiers of harmony.


Then the black Gucci wallet. I love a classic clutch that can follow me on my explorations and adventures. Plus, you know how much I love Gucci and what they stand for recently—the mix of sophistication with rebellion.


There is nothing more striking than an outfit that matches perfectly with layers of different patterns, textures, and styles to create a cohesive look! This Andrea Moore dress creates a flawless backdrop for strong contrasts and an airy, freeing vibe.



Lace top from Andrea Moore 

Maxi dress from Andrea Moore

Shoes from Schutz


What do you like to wear to feel uninhibited and confident? Let me know in the comments below!