I think the greatest thing about fashion is how it allows people to tap into different personalities with the simple act of putting together an outfit. I’m not saying fashion makes people act unlike themselves. Instead, it allows them to tap into a side that they might not have known about, and if they don’t like it, they can simply take it off.

When I want to feel girly, I’ll opt for something like a breezy sundress with bright colors. And when I’m feeling playful,  I’ll try out a piece of clothing that’s a little unconventional.



Bad girl leather






But when I’m feeling a little rebellious and confident I always go with leather. Always, always, leather. Instantly, leather clothing makes me feel like Bad Girl RiRi walking down the streets. As you can see, today I was obviously feeling myself and decided to let Rebel Kristen out to play in this fabulous dress.


The dress



With three different working parts that make up one fabulous dress, this leather number combines all of the sweet and sexy you need in an outfit. The bodice of the dress has this edgy gold pieces of hardware with cut outs that leave enough to the imagination.





The main part of the skirt is formfitting that highlights my curves, and will be sure to highlight yours too! But my favorite part of the skirt is the peplum trim at the bottom. The peplum effortlessly combines the bad girl persona with the leather and girly of the peplum; true ensemble enlightenment. This would be a great piece for someone who isn’t quite ready to go full on leather getup.


Accessorise that leather



And what else is missing girls? Of cause is a pair of bad ass bike boots 😉



Dress from Glamorous 

Sunglasses from MiuMiu

Boots from Windsor Smith

Little handbag from Balenciaga 

Are you ready to go to a biker bar with me? What’s your leather attire? (You can leave comments below)

Stay bad, girls.