It seems unlikely that you’ve missed all the fuss over burkinis. From a ban on the beaches of southern France to an international backlash, burkinis have been making a lot of news.

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But what if bikinis not burkinis are actually the important issue we should all be focusing on? Yes, that sounds like a ridiculous and frivolous thing to say. Stop to think for a moment. Bikinis might not literally be about to solve all the problems in the Middle East – but maybe they can solve a few smaller issues. Even the ancient Romans wore bikinis. If an item of clothing can last that long, it must be pretty special.

From left (images above): Nigella Lawson, Carena West NZFW 2016

Bikini Democracy

The best thing about bikinis? Anyone can wear one. Don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini on a public beach? Cover up. You can even wear a burkini, if you like. You’ll still be wearing a fabulous bikini underneath. A bikini is the only thing that you can wear on a beach and in a bar without having to get changed – just pull on a casual dress and some heels.

From left: Miley Cyrus, Candice Swanepoel, Gisele Bündchen,Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, Irina Shayk.


A Bikini For Everyone

There is a bikini to suit everyone’s individual style. Click To Tweet

From pink frills to bohemian crochet to retro high-waisted cuts, there is sure to be a bikini that fits your personal style.With so many different stores offering swimwear designs, a bikini is a great way to express yourself while still breaking away from your everyday style. Unless you live by the beach and wear a bikini every day, of course.

From left: Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2016, Magot Robbie, Gigi Hadid, Michael Kors 2017 S/S


From left: Miami Swim Week 2016, Miranda Kerr.



Bikini Confidence

There is an incredibly empowering feeling that comes from wearing just a few small pieces of fabric. Whatever your opinion of burkinis, they can’t possibly give the same sense of confidence as the right bikini. When you have no loose shirt or baggy shorts to hide behind, it can be terrifying – but also exciting. If you want to learn how to love your body, there are worse ways to start than by wearing a bikini.

Style Experiments

For a lot of us, a bikini is a special holiday garment that is only worn a few times a year. This makes it the perfect way to experiment with new styles. If you can’t get away with creative, bohemian style in the office, why not try it on the beach? Buy a cheap bikini to try out a new trend, or invest in an expensive bikini to enjoy designer style without the same price tag as an evening dress. Bikinis are a liberating way to experiment with personal style. Click To Tweet


Bikini from Triumph 

Lace up sandals from ASOS


What do you think is the most empowering or enjoyable thing about bikinis?

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