There’s just something about getting all of your girls together to celebrate. It can be the tiniest celebration, from a job promotion to finally deleting that ex’s number from their phone, but there’s nothing better than celebrating their birthday. You’re essentially celebrating their life and saying, “Hey great job, girl. Here’s to you existing. Let’s have mimosas!”




And I was just so excited to celebrate my friend Amy Xuan‘s 23rd . We met last year at  Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant where I participated, she was at backstage helping all the candidates getting dressed. But herself, as a pretty and amazing lady she is, she was the first funner up for Miss Chinese Pageant 2013. Lets get back to our celebration though, we decided to go to The Sugar Club on the top of sky tower. (here is a menu for your convenience: 🙂 )

photo-12-10-16-3Let me use this chance to sneak in a picture of mine from the pageant hehe 😉


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Kingfish sashimi 

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Some complimentary bread to start up while you waiting for your foods

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Here is the Tokyo Cafe drink.

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It’s the fish of the day on the menu at the background here. 


The birthday girl ordered bubbly pink drink of sparkling wine mixed with Chambord named Tokyo Cafe on the menu – a raspberry liquor, and tolu tincture. It was absolutely refreshing, delicious, and you have to try it hehe. Then to start I nibbled at Hiramasa Kingfish that was compliment with a wasabi meringue, an apple citrus puree, edamame, and the Japanese seasoning furikake. I absolutely loved the wasabi – if you know me, you’d know I love spicy food so much!


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Red wine, someone else ordered that night, which I knew what kind it was.


Braised Lam Shoulder 

Then for our mains, I decided to go with the braised lamb shoulder(I think thats the best dish I had out of all) with a minted pea pakora, which is made out of a chickpea batter and fried. Yum! The lamb also had some tamarind and buffalo yoghurt to cool down all of the spices.


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Here is a close up 🙂

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Peanut Butter Parfait 


And what’s a birthday without a dessert? For my sweet tooth, I chose the peanut butter parfait that had moromi miso caramel – a heartier miso that is supposed to be eaten as a condiment. The dish was really interesting because it also had sesame and paprika, and a little bit of orange. However, I thought it was a little too sweet – if that’s even a thing!

But I have to say, as fancy as it was, it’s def too small portion of the food in comparison of big plates 🙁 And you can’t bring any cake of your own to the restaurant either. But you have the option to order one through them.



Look at all the presents she got!!! Lucky girl! (some serious envies)


Here are the girls who also were there:) And a view of the sugar club restaurant.


Birthdays are so special and I had an amazing time celebrating Amy’s birthday with some of the most amazing ladies I know. If you’re looking to celebrate with your ladies, I definitely recommend the Sugar Club. You will have a blast and eat some yummy food!


Where do you want to go for your birthday celebration next? You can leave comments below 🙂