In my posts, I’ve taught you how to feel like a queen, a princess, and even a sailor! Today, it’s all about your inner goddess and letting her shine through! Roaming through the luscious green gardens in this decades-mix outfit makes me look and feel just like the goddess I know I am! 🙂


The 70s Pants

These pants are straight out of the 70s—with a modern and trendy flare! The high waist cinches and flattens the tummy, while also giving more space to show off a unique and fun pair of pants—like a vibrant pair of red pants or these flower power bell-bottoms! The 70s style is unbelievably hot in the fashion industry right now, yoga-pants it gives off that effortless, boho vibe—perfect for channeling that cool, calm inner goddess.


These yoga pants tight at the top, showing off all your hard work at the gym from leg (and butt) day! But the bottoms flare out just a bit, which makes these pants comfortable and relaxed.


The navy and white give that sailor-girl vibe, but the unique flowery and geometric patterns add gorgeous texture. The patterns lining the seams and sides of the pants create a slimming look, while the white, complementary pattern around the zipper draws attention up to the stomach.



The 90s Top


And yes, your stomach is showing with this 90s-style top! Although not a conventional 90s look as you might imagine (neon clothing and light wash jeans always come to mind for me), this tight, tummy-showing shirt is the perfect mix of decade-fashion with trendy appeal.


I love how the black long sleeves are slimming and classic, but the off-the-shoulder gives the blouse a sexy and sultry look (just like Aphrodite, goddess of love). This top flawlessly mixes the good girl with the bad girl, hehe. 😉 The shirt ends just below the bra-line, which accentuates the waist and tightens the silhouette. Time to show off that sexy core, ladies!


Plus, this choker is straight out of the 90s. Everyone is in love with chokers now, and I can see why! They show off the neck and match with just about any neckline! They add a sort of regal elegance to any outfit, functioning almost as an ornate decoration—a perfect embellishment to channel the goddess inside you!



The Goddess Sandals



These sandals are the perfect addition to this godlike outfit. The base is a cool navy, to match the pants. But then, there is an aqua gem inside of a gold pendant, which makes this outfit more summery and noble. I love how the gem almost looks like turquoise waters on a beach, and the golden rays shooting out look just like the sun!


These shoeshelp you “walk” through the gardens and flowers like the goddess you are!



How do you channel your inner goddess? Let me know in the comments below!