We all know how birthday parties work. You all go out for a few drinks in the same bar that everyone always chooses, or perhaps you invite a few friends over to your house for a bottle of wine. It’s all fine, you’ll probably have fun, but it’s hardly exciting. Wouldn’t you love to do something better, something more exciting, something more memorable?

Here are some ideas for celebrating your birthday in incredible style.


Be different

If you just do what you always do, it isn’t going to feel special. If you celebrate in the same place that hosted your best friend’s birthday last week, your party just might not feel as good in comparison.



Do something a little different. Karaoke is perfect for this – you get to have a lot of fun without giving up the glamour of a big night out.



Look for a glamorous location. How incredible is this Auckland tower view? Find a truly memorable spot to host an unforgettable birthday party.


Have fun

It’s important to do something that you love. Outdoor activities might be popular, but if you hate them, you won’t enjoy an outdoor event. If you are uncomfortable in a fancy dress and heels, don’t head to your city’s fanciest bar just because you feel as if your friends expect it.


Here is Summer 🙂

This is your birthday, so do something that you are going to enjoy!



Along the same lines, wear something that you love! You get to choose the event, so pick somewhere to wear that gorgeous dress that’s been hanging in your wardrobe for far too long.


Don’t worry!




Don’t stress over perfecting every single detail. After all, you get a birthday every single year! This is a time for you to relax and have fun, not a time for you to worry. Let your friends and family take on any responsibilities that they are willing to help you with. Don’t organize a huge, ambitious party if you’re tight on time.


What are your top tips for party planning? What’s the most memorable party you’ve ever been to?