It’s the season of celebrations, from graduation and birthday parties to weddings and baby showers, there are a million events filling our calendars! I like having a go-to party look that I can feel relaxed and comfortable in while still rocking my own personality and style!


So let’s go party!


The Black And Red Polka Dot Top


This is the perfect blouse for every event! The black makes it sophisticated and the red polka dots make it playful. From far away, this blouse actually looks burgundy, but as you get closer, you can see the small red dots. I love that the top reveals a different style depending on where you are relative to the wearer—it brings people closer to you for some good party gossip! Hehe. 😉


The black top is also sheer, so you can stay cool and comfy while remaining stylishly sophisticated. Plus, black won’t show perspiration—so you can sit out in the hot sun and keep your cool without breaking a sweat! The ruffles on the shirt make it easygoing and flirty, while still maintaining that refined sense of taste.


Plus, I love that you can tuck in this shirt for a more put-together look and to show off the Hermes belt, or you can un-tuck for a more relaxed aesthetic (and to hide your belly after a few slices of delicious party cake).


The Stars And Stripes Jeans


These jeans have a lot of textures and patterns—which makes them perfectly party prepared! The stars are fun and spirited, while the ripped jeans trend gives a casual and summery vibe. The green and red stripe up the side gives a new dynamic pattern that adds some cool, unique intrigue to the outfit. Mixing patterns like stripes, stars, and polka dots (from the top) is a great way to match the energetic party scene around you!


I also love the relaxed fit of these jeans because they aren’t too tight or form fitting, but they still show off the hips and booty that you’ve been working on in yoga class! Plus, the rugged crop capris show off the ankle for a gorgeous, springy look. Capris paired with the right heels will make your legs look long, toned, and limber!


The Tan And Black Stilettos


You’ve seen these stilettos before, because they match with just about everything! The tan and black are neutral colors that can go with nearly any outfit—but the color block of these two shades enlivens the shoe!


Plus, I absolutely love wearing heels: everywhere at every time with every outfit! But stilettos at a birthday party might seem like too much—but not with the right heels! The strappy back with front-toed front makes these shoe backyard-appropriate just as much as they are nightclub-appropriate. There’s nothing better than a versatile shoe if you ask me!


The Oversized Fur Jacket



This light mauve jacket is perfect for every celebration! Don’t you feel playful when you look at it? Oversized, fur jackets are a huge trend this season because they are able to dress up the outfit while also being spirited and fun! This jacket is great for a stylish layer, and it goes well in every party scene. Plus, it’s super soft and cuddly. 🙂



The Celebratory Accessories

I can’t go anywhere without the right accessories! Because my outfit is so vivacious, I went for a bold, black purse and glasses to neutralize the outfit while adding in trend.


This Yves Saint Laurent black purse is soft leather, and it’s light and large—so it’s the perfect party companion! The black with gold accents is a classic style that refines every outfit, and the straps it versatile for over the shoulder or a carried handbag. I also love the overlay strap with the YSL logo that shows off the brand in a subtly fashionable way.


And of course you have to have a pair of reflective mirror glasses! Mine are black to match the purse and shirt, while the silver border adds an additional fun party-pop. Plus, the feline shape of these glasses is popular for this season. The feline shape is hot and trendy because it photographs well on everyone’s face (and there are always a lot of pictures at parties)! Plus, the reflectiveness will make you stand out in pictures right away.


Fur jacket from Trelise Cooper

Jeans from Trelise Cooper

Bag from YSL

Shoes and Shirt from Zara

Belt from Hermé

What do you think of this playful and posh party attire? What is your favorite piece from this outfit? Let me know in the comments below for a chance to get featured in my next post!