That’s right, we all have an inner, sexy sailor in us. And I’m not talking about Kiera Knightley or Orlando Bloom (well, maybe I am a little bit). I decided to put on a not-so-typical nautical outfit for my day on the boat. You might probably expect a summery outfit out on the water, but I decided instead to delve into the passionate and romantic side of the sea!


The Red Pants


You know how much I love these red pants! But this time, as opposed to using red to stand out and be vibrant, I’m using them in a deeply ardent way. These pants are muted with the grey blouse, creating a subdued and sultry look. They also have silver accent buckles to tie in nicely with the shimmer of the shirt.



I love wearing heels with long pants, because the heels themselves are often slightly hidden. It creates a long, toned look to the legs without giving away all your secrets. 😉 People may not be able to see your tricks, but they will notice your style!



The Velvet Green Blouse


Green and red don’t normally seem to go together. However, a darker green with a muted red creates a wistful and mysterious appearance. The sequins add a gentle shimmer that adds a further dreamy affect to this outfit. Plus, the way these sequins are arranged, it actually functions in a similar to contouring! It creates an almost slimming effect, even though it’s a loose fitting shirt.



This higher neckline with mock turtleneck is incredibly trendy this season. It elongates and accentuates the neck, while also drawing attention to the face and jawline. This blouse shows off your hard-earned core, but the flowing tassels also cover your belly for a romantic and secretive appearance.



Sometimes getting out on the water can really help clear your mind and find your center. I had so much fun and learned a lot about myself as I joined these sailors on this gray and shadowy day. This thoughtful and passionate outfit both blended into the background and brightened the day!


Top from ASOS

Pants from CUE

Shoes from Ganvito Rossi 

Photo credit to Felix from CreationOnHeart Photography 


What do you think of this look? Where would you wear this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!