I #love comfort food. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bottle of green juice as much as the next woman in New Zealand, but there is just something about cozying up to a plate of warming comfort. What’s better is that I love cooking comfort food as much as I love eating it with them! But this time it’s not about me, as much as I want to say that I mastered this awesome feast below. It’s made by my talented friend Amanda Jane 🙂

Main dishes 




First, allow me present you the tangelo and star anise glazed ham. While it might look like it took a long time, I promise you it didn’t. We purchased a fresh whole ham leg from our local butcher. Then we went to the produce section, bought about six tangelo and sliced them in rings. And in order for that fresh tangelo taste to come through, she placed the rings all along the ham leg and secured them with toothpicks. Finally, she popped it into the oven and roasted and voila!




I know roasted turkey with gravy is what people in the States eat to celebrate their Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean us New Zealand girls can’t have their turkey and eat it too! The roasted turkey is cooked similar to the ham, just with smoked bacon,apricot and lemon stuffing.

Side on over here



And what’s turkey and ham without a couple of cozy sides? To compliment the two main dishes, she threw together some of our favourite vegetables. First, she boiled baby potatoes and then coated in salsa verde, it just gives potatoes a whole new, fresh taste. Finally comes the absolute favorite: pan fried green beans and baby carrots with garlic and lemon. Why have only one veggie when you can have two?




Happy cooking!


Do you want to make a comfort feast for your friends and family just like this one? 

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