There was no better way to kick off New Zealand Fashion Week than with a NZ-proud label: Zambesi.


Mercedes-Benz’s designer of 2017 was Zambesi, who even made two freshly-fashioned ensembles for the opening night showcase. This evening show was all about elegance, glamour, and luxury… so Kristen’s Skirts and Squats high-end style fit in perfectly!


About Zambesi

The Zambesi show reflected the Zambesi brand in a uniquely opulent way. Zambesi was founded by Elisabeth and Neville Findlay in 1979, and it has maintained a unique signature since then. It has become a pride of NZ due to its strong blend of the memory of the NZ people and culture. In fact, all Zambesi garments are made in New Zealand in a dedicated Auckland workroom.


The brand focuses on precisely tailored suits. The menswear is traditional and utilitarian, while the womenswear is focused on well-cut, detailed pieces. The designs mix realism with imagination to create outstanding pieces that stun as they float by.


Every year Mercedes-Benz presents a specific designer to help showcase the striking Benz cars. The imagination and practicality of the Zambesi line perfectly embodied a Benz: drivable luxury.


If you haven’t already seen Kristen’s favorite styles sported in the white Benz C-convertible, stop what you’re doing and take a look:



The Suit


Kristen sported a stunning tailored suit to reflect the bespoke pieces of the Zambesi show. Her three-button suit was elegant yet trendy, showing off just the right amount of curves in a loose, free-flowing way. The low V-cut of the collared top added a dynamic element to this silhouette blazer.


The fitted Capri pants paired with the YSL heels to show off just enough ankle that was alluring yet luxurious. And absolutely nothing beats these heels… can you do any better than Yves Saint Laurent?


The metallic sheen of this suit was really what made it stand out from the crowd. It sparkled like a diamond… or a fresh detailing of a new Benz! Zambesi similarly sported this silver metallic trend in their show, giving a futuristic look with moon shoes and oversized trenches. Kristen’s suit mingled flawlessly with the runway.


The Accents

Kristen’s accessories took this suit to a Skirts-and-Squats-worthy level! Rose gold everything mixed with the metallic suit was a unique blend for a gorgeous look. Her jewelry was confined to one hand with a rose gold numberless watch, delicate bracelet, and decorative index finger full-ring. This drew all the attention to her right hand—her power hand!


She also held a rose gold crossbody with see-through pouch. She’d continue to sport this exceptional purse throughout New Zealand Fashion Week as her subtle statement piece. Every girls’ gotta have one piece that’s distinctively theirs… make it unique!




Blazer from Zambesi

Trouser from Zambesi 

Clutch from Witchery

We’ve reported on the first half of NZFW… what else will be up Kristen’s trendy sleeves for the remaining days?