“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”


A beautiful line from one of my favorite Disney movies: Cinderella. And that’s how I felt dreaming and wishing, hoping and longing as I meandered through these gorgeous, thought-provoking streets.


Celebrities’ Style & Runway Looks

From left: Jasmine Tookes, Paris Hilton, Jessica Szohr, Beyonce, Kendal Jenner and Blake Lively.

From left: Gigi Hadid, Victoria Justice, Kylie Jenner.


The Setting


You all know how much I love to meditate and center myself through yoga. Did you know you can do the same with your fashion too? Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of city life and downtown urban trends, you want to escape into your mind—and escape into the back roads!


I loved the wistful feeling in the air as I wandered down the brick back ways and cobblestone alleys, taking in the natural beauty of the small town life around me. It’s perfect to meet new friends, to read a book in the shade, or to shop in unique boutiques and stores! I especially love thinking and reflecting on bridges—they help you travel to new places while also adding a rustic and homey feel to the scenery.


The Dress

I decided to match my charming surrounding with a shimmering dress that’s earthy and neutral, as well as shimmery and romantic. Just like this atmosphere is perfect for daydreaming and dreaming, I chose a dress that works for both day and night—similar to a little black dress. 🙂


The neutral tan of the dress with the tan and black shoes creates an easygoing and elegant look, while the sparkles enliven the outfit for nighttime (without being too much). These sequins are actually tan, purple, and blue—so it adds dimension and texture to the neutrality of the outfit.


Plus, the tank top keeps you cool during the day, so you’ll always feel like you’re on vacation! But you can easily layer over the tank when there’s a breeze in the dusky evening.



The Makeup


I love mixing a neutral colored outfit with more vibrant makeup—like I did with this purple eyeshadow! You’ll notice, though, that the purple adds a flare of color while still being subdued. (Plus, the purple matches very subtly with the purple sequins on the dress! Hehe.)


Sometimes purple can be too “nighttime,” right? I get that. But the right shade, like this gentle mauve, can make the eyes pop anytime of day!


I went for a natural but slightly pinkish lip tint to give a fuller and plumper look, especially for the bottom lip! This can help give you the “poem’s pout” as you’re coming up with wonderfully beautiful ideas as you roam through your dreams!



Shoes from ZARA

Dress from True Decadence 

What do you like to wear for a day of thoughtful reflection? You can leave comments below.