Where does your power come from?


Today, my power comes from a sexy, sultry outfit inspired by Catwoman!


Catwoman wears a tight, black, leather one-piece outfit that’s perfect for pouncing, playing, and ruling the night. In my opinion, she’s one of the strongest anti-heroes out there, and she always rocks it with style and passion!


I took this idea for my bad-girl-gone-good look in this all-black outfit. Imagine Selina Kyle (the daytime identity of Catwoman) walking in Paris Fashion Week, going out to dinner, or even strutting into the boardroom to pitch an idea. She exudes poise and confidence—with her Catwoman-side of mystery and sexiness still in tact.


The Top


This black lace top from Witchery is the ultimate in sultry, heroic wear. This top is completely sheer, which allows you to get as free or as covered as you want! I like to wear a sparkly silver bra underneath, because it will pop out through the lace and make a metallic statement. Everyone already knows you wear a bra—why hide it? Rock it!


I also love how this Witchery top has a ruffled neckline and cuffs. This adds to the sophisticated grace of the top, while the sheer lace is sexy and spicy. The perfect mix of good and bad!


The Pants

Black leather is the epitome of Catwoman—and the epitome of radical coolness. There’s nothing more badass than walking around in leather pants! Check out StyleCaster’s list of outfits that will make you want a pair of leather pants for yourself!


The zips at the bottom of these pants show off a mysterious extra bit of skin, and it also gives your leg some room to breathe! Like my red leather boots, your legs can get hot in tight, heavy clothing. It’s important to stay cool—both by keeping your body temp down and by styling yourself in a cool and confident way!


The way these pants are fashioned actually accentuates certain aspects of the leg. It slims the thighs and enhances the booty, creating an ultra-sensual look that will enliven your aura as you strut down the street!


The Blazer

I love adding blazers to create a professional, polished, and effortlessly chic style!


This white blazer from Witchery is perfect to enliven and brighten the outfit. With a stark contrast against the black, it creates a striking, eye-catching look. To me, blazers mean authority and influence—and this Witchery blazer flows even more Catwoman-like power through me! I love the sharp lines of the blazer with the gold buttons, adding a more delicate and feminine touch against the intensity of the black leather pants.

The Heels


A power outfit wouldn’t be complete without the stilettos. Whether you’re beating up a villain or taking a stroll around the mall, the right heels will help you dominate the world around you.


I especially love how these heels are open on the inside, giving an even more effortlessly chic feel. The sole of these shoes are red—a pop of color only I know about. This is a great way to channel my inner “red” goddess while I’m living my life in an all-black boldness and determination.


Then, pull the hair back and you’re ready to take on anything that comes your way!



Mesh top from Witchery

Blazer from Witchery

 Pants from ASOS


Would this outfit give you confidence? Where do you draw your power from? I’d love to hear about your sexy, courageous outfits in the comments below! 🙂