We’re coming into summertime, and nothing reminds me more of carefree, fun summers than the nautical colors of blue and white! But rather than going for the traditional maritime blue and white stripes or sailors’ anchors, I decided to make a bold, sultry fashion statement with a play on this blue and white theme!


The White Turtleneck

This white mock turtleneck from ASOS is conventional with a high neckline, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sexy! It’s tight and form-fitting to show off the definition in your arms that you’ve been building in the gym. Plus, a little mystery is sexy! 😉


Everyone needs a white mock turtleneck in her closet. You can match it with just about anything—from jeans to shorts to bikini bottoms! It can be used for winter white or spring statements.


But this top actually has a woven pattern in it. This adds a dynamic texture to the shirt, giving the white that extra layer of pow and wow! Having an embedded pattern like this adds texture without overdoing it—perfect to match with a brightly colored bottom!


The Blue Skirt


With the white top, this vibrant dark blue skirt from Topshop is perfect for that oceanic, boat-ready look. Plus, blue and white together can actually make you look tanner—hello, summer! I love using blue because it is such a versatile color, as you’ve seen in my workout outfits and even in my ruffle jumpsuit!


The sheen on this skirt will make you stand out and draw the eye without being too extravagant. The rough hem of the skirt is natural and great for a subdued statement. With the resurgent ‘90s mock turtleneck, this skirt creates a “trendy grunge” aesthetic that is hot for spring and summer 2017!


The Light Blue Shoes

Notice that my shoes are a few shades lighter than the dark blue of my skirt? Mixing tones and shades of the same color palette is a cool way to add a zesty flare to the outfit. The big belt buckle on these Kookai heels pulls in the ‘90s trend in a subtle way.


I also love wearing heels with skirts because it lengthens the look of your leg and shows off your sexy, limber calves! 😉 Plus, a turtleneck with heels is an unexpected statement, creating an effortlessly sultry ensemble.


The Patterned Jacket


This ASOS jacket perfectly matches with the blue and white of the base outfit! Like the shoes, the jacket has a slightly lighter blue than the skirt. This not only creates a tonal look but actually makes the skirt’s vibrancy pop out even more!


The pattern adds a new texture to the outfit, but it also reflects the woven pattern of the turtleneck underneath! This flawlessly pulls together the textures and colors of this outfit for a floral, flowing feel. This jacket turns a polished, regal style into a fun and casual look!


Oh, and of course a classic black Chanel goes with everything!


Shoes from Kookai

Bags from Chanel

Skirt from Topshop

Crop top from ASOS

Jacket from ASOS


What do you think of this flirty, nautical look? Let me know in the comments below! K