Are you an ambitious, driven, committed lady looking to make a trendy splash in the workplace? It’s hard to find an outfit that combines trend with professionalism. You want to maintain your sense of style 9-5, but you don’t want to lose that confidence and control that is associated with business attire.


This gingham suit is the perfect solution! It’s as powerful and commanding as the sleek, white design of this Mercedes Benz C-Class… but it’s as trendy and striking as the Benz’s red leather interior!


The Suit

Gingham is back! But did it ever really leave? Gingham is the trend of a small-checkered pattern. It’s super versatile, because gingham can have different sized squares that create a uniquely chic look. It can be preppy on a summer dress, or it can be edgy on a leather jacket. Gingham is one of the top spring trends of 2017…and for a good reason!


Don’t you adore the tight gingham pattern of this office-ready suit? The small black and white checks actually make this suit look grey. But upon further inspection, you see how the contrast of the black and white blends seamlessly for a vibrant, lively, dynamic look. (Not as vibrant as my red pantsuit of course.)


This makes it adaptable enough for both strutting downtown and owning the office. It hugs your curves and shows off your silhouette but in an understated, comfortable way. This makes it perfect for dominating the workplace in style without going overboard.



Plus, it’s super subtle seventies! The shoulder pads and oversized buttons are straight out of the 70s trend playbook, but they’re not too broad or big for the office. This is a great way to incorporate vintage looks into everyday style!


P.S. Notice the Gucci belt? This immediately transforms the look from a simple suit to a luxurious ensemble.


The Top

Take your jacket off for a relaxed, happy hour ready vibe. This white, loose-fitting top is the perfect segue from professional chic to chill chick. The white, white, white matches the white of the Mercedes—and this top can match perfectly with any location the Mercedes takes you!


The off-white lace fabric stripes down the front and the ribbed cuffs and chest add lively texture to this sheer white top. The low mock turtleneck creates a Hepburn look that’s both conservative and sultry at the same time.


I love having a white, long-sleeve, sheer shirt look this. It can be both winter white and summer light because of the lace detailing, loose fit, and professional cut. The perfect addition to every wardrobe!


The Shoes & The Purse

I love the overall subdued black, white, and grey of this outfit—but I always need a pop of color in my fashion statements. I think color is a great way to boost your confidence and celebrate yourself every single day!


I’ve matched this pantsuit with velvet cobalt shoes. Blue works gorgeously with grey, plus velvet is hot, hot, hot right now! These wedge heels elongate the legs while the ribbon bow around the ankle adds a femininely delicate touch.


I paired this with a matching cobalt purse with grey fur to tie together the shoes and the suit in a cohesive, gorgeous getup!


This grey outfit blends into the skyline and stands out against the blue sky and white Mercedes. I’m ready to drive off to work in my 2017 Benz… ready to rock the week and the runway!


Blouse from Witchery

Co-order suit from Zara

Shoes from Zara

C-Class Cabriolet  from Mercedes Benz



Where would your Mercedes take you in a black and white Gingham suit? Let me know in the comments below!