Everyone needs to let loose and channel her inner wild child every once in awhile. 🙂

You may remember that I made a New Year’s resolution to look and feel better this year—and this outfit is wild, sexy, and a little rebellious! Are you ready to mix the good girl with the bad? hehe Click To Tweet

I know this red boots might have overwhelmed you a bit, and you must be thinking how the hell I am supposed to style it with. Don’t worry, here are actually more options than you might think. Check out some references below.


Celebrities’ Style

From left: Rihanna, Elena Perminova, Pia Mia, Rita Ora, Pia Mia, Laurie Ann Gibson.

From left: Ciara, Nene Leaker, Ciara, Carol Vorderman, Kourtney Kadarshian, Kylie Minogue.

From left: Kourtney Kadarshian, Tylor Swift, Katie Price.

Runway Looks

From left:Akris Fall 2016, Valentino AW14 (2nd and 3rd ones), Christian Dior Fall 2015 (the 4th and 5th photos), Dior Spring 2015.

From left: DAKS London FW 2015, Valentino AW14, DAKS London FW2015, Versace AW15(the last 3 images).

From left: Versace AW15 (the first 2 images), Emilio Pucci FW2013.


Leather, Leather, Leather


When I want to feel cool and poised, I throw on some leather and I instantly own the room!


That bad girl look makes you strut down the streets, swinging your hips to the tune of your own confidence. Leather used to be for rockers and motorcyclists, but now it’s a Vogue trend that has everyone looking to add more tough-girl touches to their outfits!



Rather than go for the conventional leather jacket, I love these red leather boots by Public Desire. They add that bad-girl look in a unique and trendy way. Thigh-high heels and over-the-knee boots are so hot with celebs right now because they slim the leg while also drawing attention to them—show off those luscious legs, ladies!


Pair with grey light wash shorts to reveal just the right amount of thigh and show off all your hard work in the gym. A thin strip of leg always makes me feel sexy and fit. Light wash shorts also make the heels look more daytime casual, so you can rock the streets like the hottie you are!



From Light To Dark

Pucker up for the “SUCKER” tee. This ASOS sleeveless tee with block letters gives the bad-girl vibe without being too naughty. I love the look of a solid black tee with white lettering—it’s a stark contrast that is sure to gain attention.


Notice how the lighting changes the look and feel of the outfit. On the dark stairs with crossed arms and Ray Ban shades, the outfit portrays that bad-girl, biker vibe.


In a lighted space, this same outfit can be more playful and sultry. I like to think of it as my Charlie’s Angel / Harley Quinn(Suicide Squad) look: I’m ready to hit the roads on the motorcycle, or hit the mall with my Louis bag!



From Good to Bad


A red lip matches the bad-girl red leather boot, pulling the outfit together top to bottom. Yet, a red lip also gives a good-girl feminine touch to the look too!


Pigtails are sweet and innocent, right? Not with this rocker outfit! Pigtails have been rocking the designer runway recently—especially with Chanel! I think these two pigtails show off the duality of my outfit—with an angel on one shoulder, and a devil on the other!


I absolutely love mixing the light with the dark, the good with the bad, the naughty with the nice… 😉


Crop top from ASOS

Bag from Louis Vuitton

Boots from Public Desire

What outfit do you put on to instantly feel confident? How do you rock the good-girl-gone-bad look? Let me know in the comments below!