Wulala, it’s getting warm in here… talk about being a better lover huh? I am sure we all have different answers for that.



How much thought do you put into your underwear? If you’re like most women, you have a few special pieces but just tend to wear your old, comfortable underwear on most days. It’s time for that to change. A new wear of underwear brand is creating beautiful everyday lingerie that’s every bit as comfortable as your old favorites, but ten times as sexy. You can wear them out, inside your casual shirt or even under your gorgeous gown!

And here are some celebrities’s style below

From left: Kendall jenner, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence


From left: Kendall Jenner, Darren Kennedy, Cara Delevingne, Vanessa Hudgens, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner



One example is the New Zealand lingerie brand Mini Cami. As the name suggests, they specialize in lace camis that are somewhere between a bralette and a cropped cami. They also sell a variety of other bralette styles, as well as French knickers. Some of their designs even include soft bra cups, which would make them perfect to wear alone at festivals or perhaps for a night out. I wore the steel coloured lace bralette to my recent Fiji BlueSky music festival trip, it was perfect for the weather and occasion! Wish I took a good quality photo wearing it from the trip. (We had a really hectic schedule, all started with an outbound 3am flight… ) But don’t worry, I’ve plenty of good photos for you to review here.




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A peek of a lace bralette under a low-cut shirt or baggy sweater is incredibly sexy but also so comfortable that it feels like you have nothing on. I think that should be the whole point of wearing underwear, the comfortability ! And that makes you a better lover, because when you are comfortable, relax and chill, you tend to be more patient, happy and loving in general. So for a girl, being a better lover starts from your lingerie collection.


As more and more companies explore the new lingerie, there are increasing options to choose from. Racerback or halter neck, classic black lace or neon green, full-coverage or barely-there – there is a bralette for almost everyone. They can, of course, be a little challenging for larger cup sizes, but a well-made bralette is far more supportive and comfortable than you might realize.








Bralettes aren’t just comfortable, they are fashionable as well. The fashion world is moving away from a padded, pushed-up silhouette in favor of something more natural and individual. Increasingly, lingerie is going the way of natural makeup – it makes you feel prettier and more confident without fundamentally changing how you look.


Are you already a fan of bralettes? If not, are you feeling inspired to try them?


You can check out Mini Cami on their website or on Instagram.