I mentioned in my last article that I’ve been going for an edgier sort of style recently. But I still love classy and elegant outfits that make the wearer look intensely regal! So in this outfit, I decided to mix the two styles together for a unique look that’s trendsetting and flirty!


The Holy Chic Dress

I am absolutely obsessed with Holy Chic!  From far away, it looks like a cool and edgy pattern, but as you get closer you see that it’s actually adorned with bits, stirrups, and bridles. The material of this dress is lightweight, so it’s perfect for spinning around—or even just to take on vacation!


The cut of this dress is super flirty and fun. The tie around the neck is ultra-classy, and it makes me feel like a queen or celebrity jet setting off to new and exciting adventures! And of course the A-line cut at the bottom shows off the thighs and limber legs without revealing too much skin! It flairs out at the side for that classy style, ready to take on the town with confidence. I always wear Holy Chic for any celebration or event.


The CUE Jacket

This jacket is filled with color, but not overtly. The black and white “lapel” front make it seem like a neutral jacket, but the checks on the sleeves are actually filled with pinks, blues, and yellows. This mix of colors looks perfect with the navy dress, and it delicately matches each color to create a unified look. This checkered jacket gives a sort of rebellious Chanel-vibe, which I absolutely adore!


CUE is an amazing brand because they take a lot of traditional styles and make them new, trendy, and accessible. Remember my 80s military outfit? The shirt and pants were both from CUE!


The Dior Shoes


Don’t you adore this J’Adior Dior heels? 😉

These shoes are open backed with a supportive ribbon to keep your foot in place while adding a romantic style. These short stilettos with pointed toes create a classic, polished look, and the bow makes them even more elegant. But what I love most about these Dior shoes are how perfectly they pair with my outfit! My black Chanel bag, the black and white jacket, and the patterned dress all work perfectly with the darling look of these black and white heels.




The dress from Holy Chic

Jacket from CUE

Shoes from Dior

Sunglasses from Dolce and Gabbana 


Let me know in the comments below what you think of my pairing of the edgy with the preppy in this outfit!