First I have to thank VOGUE photographer Spiros Poros for the chance to work together finally . And the hairstylist Alan Wang from Perfekt Hair Studio.


My style is anything but conventional. I prefer to stand out, as all women should. But standing out while looking like the chicest woman in the room can be a little difficult. I have so many eccentric, different, and beautiful pieces that it can sometimes be hard to figure out how to pair them together in order to create a perfectly styled outfit.  What I’ve found that works for my style, in order to make my outfit pop among the rest, is to select a few statement pieces, but have them fit within in a theme or color scheme. I hate matchy-matchy things sometimes, but this method allows my style to be cohesive, yet unique.


From left: Victoria Beckham Fall2013,Brandon Maxwell SS16, Tibi Fall 2015




From left: Coco Rocha, Leigh Anne Pinnock, Nicole Richie, Chrissy Teigen, Kat Graham, Elizabeth Banks.


From left: Johanna Olsson, Chrissy Teigen, Carey Mulligan, Charlotte De Carle,Gigi Hadid, Chloe Sims.


From left: Aerial Miranda, Alesha Dixon, Jessica Wright, Lydia Bright, Kym Marsh.

From left: Karlie Kloss, Olivia Wilde, Victoria Beckham, Danise Van Outen, Shay Michelle, Lydia Bright.


From left: Lydia Bright, Chloe Sims, Lindsay Lohan, Lydia Bright, Jessica Wright, Olivia Wilde.


From left: Jessica Wright, Allison Williams, Priyanka Chopra.


The Lady in Red



So for today, I’ve chosen a bunch of amazing pieces to match, like this amazing red leather pencil skirt and this sexy, yet classy white bustier top/dress(see the tip below). I love the black trim. It takes the piece to a whole different level. But in order to make this outfit look more like fabulous woman and less Red Light District(you know what I am talking about), I picked one of my all-time favorite pieces: this amazing striped cape blazer by Lavish Alice. The red stripes add an amazing pop, and I just adore how the blazer has structure, while draping over the outfit perfectly. It’s the perfect fusion of two design elements.

Tip: This look-like bustier top is actually as a dress. Say what? Yes, that’s right, its a dress! At that time, I wanted a sleeveless white crop top to make this look work, but I couldn’t find a better choice than this dress in my closet. So I put the skirt on top of the dress, see how it would turn out, gladly not so hideous. The length of the dress was perfectly matching the skirt’s, and doesn’t puff up the look either. So I just went with it.




As I was styling this outfit, I knew there was something missing, but I couldn’t figure out what. As I was perusing my closet, it came to me: my navy blue, fur-accented Chanel bag. With or without its chain strap, the fur accent just completes the outfit in a way I never expected. It adds a new dimension and texture to the look that your average clutch just wouldn’t do.


In the Nude

To finish off one of my new favorite looks I decided on a nude nail color, choosing not to overwhelm my look or distract from the clothes. I did the same thing with my hair and makeup, opting for a high ponytail to show off the décolletage from the bustier, smoky eyes, and a swipe of red lipstick to tie all of the elements together.




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Cape from Lavish Alice

Top/dress from Motel Rocks

Skirt from ASOS

Bag from Chanel

Heels from ASOS


Keep standing out.


And I chose the same outfit to attend Trellis Cooper at NZFW 2016. If you have noticed, I picked different top and heels here. The change of long sleeve turtle neck crop top(ASOS) is simply because of the cold weather in New Zealand, and the heels from Gianvito Rossi is to match the tone of my whole outfit.

Who is the cute guy in the photo with me?  He is taken 😉 That’s right. 

photo-16-09-16-9 photo-29-09-16-4photo-29-09-16-5

Isn’t the setting at Trellis Cooper show beautiful ? 

Are you a fan of cape style blazers? What are your favourite go-to-brands for capes?

Let me know in the comments below.