This week I paired up with my good friend Yulia and fellow fashion-lover to show off our favorite office-ready style!


Work (and Play) Outfit


Isn’t it funny how we both chose a semi-pencil skirt with a short-sleeve top for our office attire looks? We love the movement and flexibility in this type of suit—but with that same business flair!


The Bottom


This black skirt is both practical and professional. The slit in the leg takes away the age-old problem of your legs rubbing together in a pencil skirt that’s too form fitting! The slit gives you the freedom to move around and own the workplace! However, it is also clean-cut and professional, so I can be appropriate and powerful when giving a presentation or leading a team. Plus, did you know that black is not only slimming but it also demonstrates determination, authority, and power?


The Top


This white top isn’t collared, but it has the same sort of neckline as a collar, giving it that business-place vibe. You don’t have to “roll your sleeves up” to get the job done. This sort of short-sleeves, covering part of the shoulders, gives you the movement that is often lacking with a traditional collared blouse or blazer.


I also love how the black button matches the skirt to give a uniform feel! The cut of the shirt is unique, giving it a chic and stylish appearance—while still balancing with professionalism!


My friend has a similar look, rocking a form fitting pencil skirt with room to move, and a short sleeve top that both hugs and flows!


All the Add-Ons


The Shoes



These shoes give a distinct style that make you look like you’re walking on air! The white toe is all business, and the clear edge and thin heel give a forceful effect that makes you command a room—as if by magic! I love my friend’s shoes too, since they work in the same way. The tan is neutral, which is perfect for work. But tan also acts as a faux “barefoot trend” to elongate the look of the legs.


The Watch


The “add-ons” are a great way to spruce up your workplace outfit—and get away with repeating the same outfit with different accessories! A neutral watch is a great way to stay punctual and stylish at the same time. Studies have even shown that wearing a watch makes others think of you as more conscientiousness and dependable. Trendy and trustworthy just from one accessory!


The Purse


I love a big purse so you can hold all your files, folders, computers, and must-haves in one spot—but it also adds a stylish flair to the outfit! Purses are a great way to change up the appearance and feel of an outfit with very little effort.



It’s important to go minimalistic with accessories in the office. You don’t want to be too flashy or out there, because that could detract from the work you’re doing. However, the right accessories can be both stylish and practical, and they can act as a classy addition to an elegant, professional lady!


Let your hair down for a flowing and confident vibe! My friend and I had so much fun doing this shoot together! All work and no play help these girls rock the runway! 😉



Top from CUE

Skirt from ASOS

Shoes from Gianvito Rossi

Bags from Prada

Watch from Omega

Photo Credit to Felix Wu

What do you think of our office looks? Let us know in the comments below!