Fashion is wearable art. The best way to outwardly express the inner you is through your appearance. Fashion is creative, inventive, imaginative, and intriguing. Click To TweetIt instills confidence in the wearer while creating a specific vibe and aura to others.

The Dress


This dress is straight out of an art gallery—or directly from an artist’s palette! This pale red dress has both the boldness of vibrant red with the calmness of a summery and beachy feel. The navy blue “paint swipes” create an artistic and dynamic view.

I call this pattern “paint swipes” because they look like the strokes from an artist’s paintbrush on the canvas! Together, the solid back and brushstroke pattern creates a light and airy appearance— while also being more sophisticated and gallery-ready.

The Belt




The gold X belt matches the paint swipes on the dress with the same sort of curved movement. Thus, this belt brings unity to the dress while also cinching the waist.

The belt also has a gold chain that hangs down, adding a new element of design. This dress is all above movement—the brush strokes are moving in different directions, and the belt changes the look of a straight-line silhouette. But, the chain on the belt is uniform and solid, creating a uniting and clarifying look to this outfit. Too much movement can be overwhelming on the eye – but even one small detail like this belt chain can create a refined appearance.

The Heels


Do you recognize these shoes from recent posts? I am on a huge heel “kick” and can’t take these particular ones off! I love the black front and back strap, which is sophisticated and classy. But the tan heels and side make this a daytime, easygoing shoe!

Tan and black match with just about everything. A mixture of the two together also matches with almost any outfit—but the combination also creates its style that’s more than just the neutrality of traditional black or tan shoes.

Every girl needs a pair of black and tan combined shoes in her closet! They’re perfect for the office, shopping, going out, or even just lounging around at home! Hehe 🙂


The Food

Did you notice I’m drinking a healthy super-food smoothie? I love smoothies because they have so many incredible health benefits.

If you’re interested in learning more about my model diet (aka how much I love food!), check out my food section of Skirts and Squats!

Shoes from Zara

Dress from John Zack

Fashion is art! Who’s your favorite fashion designer/artist? Let me know in the comments below!