As New Year’s Eve quickly approaches, you may be feeling a little nervous to wiggle into a skin-tight sequin dress or liquid silver gown after putting on a bit of “holiday cookie-love” pounds. Maybe you’ve made resolutions to lose the weight in order to look and feel better this year—but what about today? How can you look and feel hot for your New Year’s Eve party under a time crunch?


Here are four quick and easy moves that will work out and tone your “dress-features” (what we call the parts of your body that are on display the most when wearing a holiday dress). Even if you only do this quick workout the day of the party, you’re body will already start toning up!


  1. Weight Lunges


The best way to show off those toned legs and tight butt in your sparkly stockings is by doing a quick rep of weight lunges. Hold a 5kg dumbbell or a full bottle of water down by your sides, and start lunging! This will also work your triceps and give your arm a slimmer look in pictures.


  1. One-Arm Dumbbell Row


Another easy arm workout that will get your muscles moving and toning is the dumbbell row. When you isolate one arm at a time, you are able to focus in on a single set of muscles—which means double the strength in half the time! It will also help improve your posture, which makes you look and feel taller and more confident to ring in the new year!


  1. Concentration Curl


Keep those arms in motion with the concentration curl to rock your short sleeves (or no-sleeves) with confidence! What I love about concentration curls is that it works off that pesky flab between your arm and bra-strap. And who doesn’t want a hot bicep to show off their strength girl power?


  1. One-Legged Wheel


This traditional yoga pose is a great way to stretch out your now-sore arms and legs while also giving your tummy a workout! Bend backwards and curl your hands underneath, pointed towards your feet. In your back bend, you lift your leg upwards towards the ceiling, or you can keep it bent for a slight variation. This is an amazing full-body move that will elongate your spine, stretch our your muscles, and get you energized for the night!

Looking for some fashion inspiration to show off your hot New Year’s bod? I totally love the fashion advice from this article by Glamour that gives fourteen cool NYE trend outfits!


Do twelve reps, and cycle through the workout three times. You’ll be looking and feeling great in under forty minutes—a perfect pre-party workout!


Happy New Year to all you fashion-fitness lovers out there! What are you favourite workout moves?



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