If you missed How to make the best out of your auckland trip (Part 1), you should definitely check it out. And because this amazing city has so much to offer, I can’t fit it all in one post.

So here is The Part 2! Scroll down and you will find out what places we are featuring today.

Hamilton Gardens







Located in a public park in the south of Hamilton, Hamilton Gardens is a 54-hectare park chock full of gardens, lawns, and flora and fauna. Everything here is just so lush and full of life. It’s like the Garden of Eden. It’s so beautiful that people get married here all the time. I was lucky enough to spot a happy newlywed couple traversing the windy roads of the gardens. Did I mention that this place has tons of spots for you take a new Facebook profile pic?


It’s definitely one popular shooting spot, especially for wedding theme shoots.


Beautiful fall season 


So this is not a statue, I bumped into a group of people inside doing costume play for some reason.


Japanese Garden


Zealong Tea Estate



Just down the road from Hamilton Gardens is the Zealong Tea Estate. A tea plantation with 48 hectares of sprawling fields of tea that all started with a camellia tree, the Zealand Tea Estate is a pilgrimage for those who love tea. And if you’re not a big tea drinker, you can still enjoy the lush beauty of the plantation and feel like you are in a bygone era.



It was for sure a beautiful sunny day. And this is the right spot to relax and to have a cup of tea.(if that’s your cup of tea:) )


The Blue Spring



If you have ever wanted to visit some of the purest waters in the world, then go no further than the Blue Spring at Te Waihou Walkway. The water is so pure here that it supplies us New Zealanders with 70% of our bottled water. What makes it so pure is that the spring is fed from the Mamaku Plateau where it takes water up to 100 years to be properly filtered. You are able to swim in the water, but I opted out because it was a little chilly (11 degree Celsius to be exact). And if you don’t want to swim like me, then you are able to hike along the banks of the spring. (also because I didn’t bring any swimwear that day, but for sure I am coming back for a dip 🙂 )




Aww, I want to be like them when I am older !


Keep living that New Zealand life

Being continued 


Have you already visited the places in my post? What are you favorite must-visit spot in Auckland ? You can leave comments below.