Working out isn’t for the meek—it’s for the bold, adventurous, and fearless! It’s for those of us who want to constantly better ourselves and live our healthiest life. It’s for the people willing to take risks towards improvement. That’s why I love working out in a bold statement outfit to match my daring work out personality!


This outfit blends together three different patterns to create a confident appearance! Mixing prints is an amazing way to create an artistic, unique outfit that others will envy—whether it’s street fashion, club fashion, or gym fashion! You’ve seen me mixing and matching prints in my latest articles, like How To Warm Up in Cool Colors, but now I’m showing this trend in full force!



The Fashion Brazil Leggings

My absolute favorite part of this outfit is my leggings from Fashion Brazil! This brand is made for active comfort. The bold colors and prints will make you stand out anywhere you go, while also giving you confidence and inner beauty.


I like to call these my prism pants because of the refracted light colors and the geometric triangles! It reminds me of looking into a kaleidoscope and being wowed at all the intricate designs and colors!


Fashion Brazil has so many fun, colorful leggings that help you show off your individual style! Plus, they’re great for doing yoga, going on a run, making a fashion statement, or even just lounging around the house! They’re super versatile, and they’re incredibly comfortable and lightweight. They’re resistant to water, sweat, and chlorine, so you’ll always stay dry and cool—even in the midst of summer!


The Nike Jacket


I absolutely love this black and mint jacket by Nike because the pattern is both striking and subtle. Nike’s slogan “just do it” always reminds me to get out there and work my absolute hardest! Both in the gym and in my passion for fashion and modeling!


This jacket is airy and lightweight, and the mesh is sweat resistant. This makes it the perfect insulation to warm up in. It will get you sweating out those toxins quickly, but it won’t feel too hot or uncomfortable. Plus—you’ll look sexy while sweating it out! 😉


The Lululemon Sports Bra


When you’re deep into your workout, it’s time to take off the jacket and show off the sports bra—and your core! This striped sports bra by Lululemon perfectly pulls the whole outfit together because it’s a vibrant color with a subdued pattern. Stripes are a great print to match with other patterns because they are clean and simple, while still adding a bit of texture.


I especially love this sports bra because it is made primarily of cotton, not spandex. That means it is breathable and comfortable, and it’s doesn’t feel too constricting. Like you saw in my article OMG It’s OMG, I love to wear a sports bra and leggings because tight clothing can help improve and promote circulation while working out!


A perfect combo of clothing to boost your workout even further—while looking sexy and stylish!


Legging from Fashion Brazil 

Bra from Lululemon

Jacket from Nike

Shoes from Nike


What do you think of this daring mix of patterns? Let me know in the comments below!