Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there! One day per year is not enough to celebrate all that you do for your families!

I wanted to give back to mothers this year. So I paired with NZSale to style Annie, this gorgeous and fun mom!

I truly believe that style and fashion can be an expression of you, and it can help you own your own confidence and poise. Annie wanted to step outside of her comfort zone and redefine herself through a rejuvenated closet and fresh look—and I was more than happy to help!


Her “Old” Look


As you can see, Annie had a very chill and relaxed look. A loose white T-shirt with dark jeans and sneakers was a comfortable way to “mom around town.” She wore very easygoing outfits, which were practical and functional. While we all need days where we throw on our jeans, Annie wanted to add more dynamic looks to her closet that would better represent her personality and style.


I decided to fashion her in these two black and white outfits, which are great for work, play, or even picking the kids up from school! Black and white is a great neutral palette to match Annie’s natural and classic style.


The First Style

This first outfit is perfect for a casual but fashionable day out on the town. This MIXG top is loose and relaxed, so she can still have that comfortable feel—but the sleek black and clean-cut silhouette adds a hot, trendy touch! Mixing the black top with bright white Miu Miu pants gives it a professional and sophisticated appearance, but the pants still have that relaxed feel with the loose editor-cut cuff.


The best way to add in personality and style is with accessories! This Love Moschino handbag is great for over the shoulder or a hanging shoulder look, so it’s perfect for all uses. I absolutely love the soft quilted front with the off-white and gold accents—there is no aesthetic more classically beautiful!


But the biggest pop of the outfit is the Chiara Ferragni shoes! These silver sparkles with black eyelash accents are so fun and flirty, and they add a dynamic texture to the neutral outfit. Annie is so fun and caring, and these shoes really show off her sparkly personality!


The Second Style

This second look is more polished for date night, a business meeting, or even to be the star of the parent-teachers meetings! I continued with the black and white palette, so that her whole wardrobe can easily be mixed and matched! This makes getting ready in the morning simple, easy, and fast—but always stylish!


I absolutely adore this Twenty-29 dress. The neckline is incredibly flattering because it shows off the arms and ends at the collarbone—which creates a gorgeous silhouette! The pockets show off the hips, but the dress isn’t tight or revealing. Plus, the pockets are slightly accented, which adds texture and panache to this plain dress. The black border outlines around the white dress makes Annie the center of attention while still sitting in a subdued color!




These sexy stilettos are both rock-trendy and regal-sophistication. The gold zippers on these Ted Baker heels add a unique element to the outfit, and the black of the shoe reflects the black border of the dress. Plus this peep toe shoes off her flawless pedicure! Rock it, mama!


I am so thrilled that Annie loved her wardrobe revamp! It was so much fun to work with such a sweet and stylish lady to make sure her fashion matches her personality—while still being easy, comfortable, and mom-friendly!

Wanna know more? You can watch the full video on my FB page.

What do you think of this transformation? Let me know in the comments below!