Kristen has walked her first NZ Fashion Week as a Skirts and Squats blogger—and it was a phenomenal success! Dressed by a variety of designers and collections, Kristen was able to show off her personal style while also revealing the hottest trends of the upcoming season.


Her day 2 outfit was a vintage-grunge smash hit. This year’s Fashion Week exhibited a number of oversized and slouchy dresses, changing the way the feminine form is traditionally viewed. Kristen’s HM outfit meshes modern-day trends with classic styles to create a one-of-a-kind outfit.

The Inspiration:


This outfit was inspired by “the first working woman.” The HM skirt cuts just above the ankle, which was the appropriate length for women entering the working world in the 50s and 60s.


These wholesome white polka dots pair perfectly with the boldly-white feline sunglasses, which seem to have hopped straight out of a 50s wholesome diner scene. The large white border of the glasses gives off the idea of the Veronica “it” girl in the Archie comics, which have recently found several revitalizations in TV, media, and fashion.


The Showstopper:

Spectators awed at Kristen’s ivory ribbed sweater. The  V turtleneck creates a unique neckline that draws the attention towards the face and glasses. The HM sweater boasts a variety of ribbed sizes, from thicker strokes on the shoulders and neck to thinner down the bodice.


Kristen especially loves the large slits in the side of the sweater. This shows off more of the polka dot skirt underneath, lengthening the look of legs and torso in unison. An oversized sweater paired long skirt was a key look at this year’s NZ Fashion Week.


The Unexpected:


This Witchery purse adds a surprising, modern twist to the vintage look of “working girl.” The clear purse shows off Kristen’s mobile in a way that integrates fashion and technology in today’s contemporary society. The rose border and strap add a subtle color to the white and black of the outfit, presenting the statement piece that’s a crucial element of every fashion week outfit.


But the most astonishing part of Kristen’s day-2 debut was the YSL shoes. The black pointed patent heel looks classically professional, but the YSL engraved stiletto heel adds a shockingly artistic dynamic. Spectators were sprinting to get a pair of these designer branded shoes for themselves!


The Events:


On the second day of NZ Fashion Week, she attended three key events. First on her list was Hailwood. Hailwood is considered one of the most applauded shows of Fashion Week, ranging from boutique-style casualwear to eveningwear. Hailwood is a favorite for red carpet beauties, like Lorde and Maggie Gyllenhaal.


Next came the Federation show. Started by Jenny Joblin, Federation is one of the most iconic streetwear labels in New Zealand to date. Kristen’s grunge look paired beautifully with the atmosphere of the “fashion of daily life.”


Kristen ended the day with Salasai, which is known for its bold, courageous outfits and dreamy aesthetic. This show—like all of Salasai’s collections—balanced the comfortable with the sophisticated, which is one of Kristen’s favorite way to create a timelessly modern style.


Stay tuned to see more of Kristen’s favorite New Zealand Fashion Week looks!