Day 3 of NZFW was ripe with daring, sultry design for Skirts and Squats. Kristen attended two shows, Wynn Hamlyn and Stolen Girlfriends Club, in an outfit that screamed bold, seductive, and classic.

The Look


The star of the show was the pair of red leather thigh-high heels. A staple in Kristen’s wardrobe, these heels are an incredible mix of bold and beautiful, seductive and sultry, classic and trendy. She matched these shoes perfectly with the bold, red lip which has been trending for over three years in the beauty industry.


With a pair of shorts to show off a strip of skin, this look elongates the legs for a runway-ready, model-appropriate outfit. We love how Kristen paired this look with a classic camel and black trench. The coat goes past the thigh highs to form a subtly spicy vibe.


Underneath the coat, we can spot the delicateness of a pale pink, knitted top. This blouse peeks out at the neckline and wrists, urging us to look closer at its unique design. This adds a new dimension to the traditional layering look of different length long sleeves.



The addition of a rose gold, numberless watch and diamond bracelet adds another layer of class and sophistication to this fiery ensemble.


NZ Chic

The dynamics of this outfit, pairing the red leather thigh high heels with the classic camel-colored trench, blended beautifully with the Wynn Hamlyn show. Hamlyn, a burgeoning contemporary designer from Auckland, provides a unique take on women’s ready-to-wear with his fusion of playfulness and elegance.


Kristen absolutely loves how Hamlyn uses locally sourced merino knitwear in his designs, a generous hats-off to the New Zealand textile world. For this year’s show, Hamlyn partnered with The Flooring Foundation to create rug designs to parallel his runway show. In these rugs, he depicted the life cycles of plants living and dying in a world disturbed by irreversible climate change. This fashioned a bold social statement… just like his runway looks and Kristen’s audacious day-3 outfit.

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NZ Art


Later that evening, Kristen flaunted her ensemble to the Stolen Girlfriends Club show. One of the most entertaining and engaging shows of the week, Marc Moore’s brand blew up the stage with “violence, terror, and chaos” (a quote from one of his designs). Kristen’s sexy look melded perfectly with the edgy crowd, while her classically elegant shirt added a new vibe that had people buzzing.


(Courtesy of Fashion TV)


One of the best parts of the Stolen Girlfriends Club brand is its beginnings as an art show. Designer Marc Moore, who grew up in Raglan and spent 9 years as a NZ competitive surfer, emphasizes the artistry of fashion, which he brings to life in a community of firm brand believers. Kristen is proud to say she’s a strong part of this daring, innovative, artistic community as well.

(Courtesy of 



Shoes from Public Desire

Watch from Daniel Wellington

Jacket from Topshop

Photos taken by Mark


Day 2 and Day 3 had completely different outfit styles. From vintage grunge to trendy sexy, Kristen is already showing her versatility in the fashion week world. We’re so excited to report on what she has for the upcoming days…