Day 4 at NZFW was all about playfully elegant wear. Making an appearance at the Kate Sylvester and Huffer shows, Kristen’s uniquely-cut blouse with art-deco pants matched perfectly with these specialty brand styles. Let’s take a look at the Skirts and Squats incorporation of these fashion philosophies!


Kristen’s Outfit

Kristen’s grey, decorated jeans were both casual and chic, perfect for NZFW’s Thursday shows. Reminiscent of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, these white lines and colored boxes embodied an unusual sense of historical art with a modern twist. We love how these pants were both dynamic and eye-catching without being extravagantly printed.


She paired these pants with a plain white blouse… which was anything but plain. The oversized silhouette exemplified the feminine form within a masculine style. The thick, deep white border along the buttons, sleeves, and seam-cut amplified the blocky, line pattern of the pants. The shirt was longer in the back with U cuts on the sides to create a dynamic, daring “boyfriend” fit that further enhanced the subversive ensemble.


Kristen then added a three-button, baby blue blazer overcoat. This gentle layer pulled in a more traditional look to this highly modern outfit. It brought the look from street-ready to museum-ready in a single over-the-shoulders style.


The accessories put the finishing touches on the rebelliously artistic ensemble. Kristen’s reflective mirror, cat-eye glasses were perfect for rocking the runway with wild confidence.


Again we saw Kristen’s favorite statement accessory come out to make noise… her trendy clear purse with rose gold trim. The designers of Kate Sylvester and Huffer would be proud of how she uses this modern piece to add her own element of personalized design.


Kate Sylvester

The runway Kate Sylvester show displayed the conceptual collections of “witty irreverence” and “modern femininity.” Kristen’s Mondrian-esque pants fit perfectly with the Kate Sylvester philosophy of “pop culture mixed with history,” while her oversized button-up blouse seamlessly incorporated the KS philosophy of stitching together menswear with womenswear.


Kristen’s outfit was the epitome of high art and punk rock, pairing the traditional blazer with the playful pants and power glasses for a matchless combination. The unique cut of the shirt further added a modern take on a         conventional men’s style.                                                                                   (Courtesy of NZFW )



It was like Kristen’s outfit was made to be up on the runway, celebrating the witty irreverence that defines the KS brand.

(Courtesy of Getty Image)



Huffer was “influenced by NZ and inspired by the world”— just like the Skirts and Squats blog. 20 years of Huffer designs have focused on the mix of fashion and functionality, creating distinctly technical outwear that’s iconic on the streets of NZ.


Kristen’s blue blazer was ideally matched to the Huffer look. A slim, form-fitting silhouette against the dynamics of her artistic pants created that highly textured look that Huffer is known for.


Your Turn


We want to see your artistic outfits now! Be a part of the New Zealand Fashion Week show yourself!


Let’s see your outfits with:


  • Artistic designs (like Kristen’s  jeans)
  • Unique silhouettes (like the oversized, U-cut blouse)
  • Old and the new trends (like pairing modern colours and cuts with a traditional blazer)
  • Statement pieces that are uniquely you (like Kristen’s clear and rose-gold purse)



Shirt from H&M

Jacket from  Witchery

Shoes from Dior

Photos taken by Luke

Featured on Fashion FQ

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