One of my favorite lifestyle quotes is:

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A queen.


I think that’s a perfect way to show off that you are confident, influential, and strong—no matter what! And I’m feeling especially assertive today, so regal power is what this outfit is all about.


The Jacket



This military-inspired jacket might remind you of my ‘80s red, gold, and black jacket from my recent post. I’m all about the strong, authoritative jackets recently. This red-maroon is bold yet still subdued. It’s not as bold as my red powerhouse pantsuit, but it shows off that same power in a restrained way. I put the jacket over a black turtleneck, which is bold in its simplicity.



The Pants



These pants are elegant and sophisticated with a unique flair. They’re old-world regal with the gold leafing on the black background, but they’re also trendy with the metallic shine!


I love that these pants draw attention to the legs in a way that many people avoid (don’t we all have a little extra love around our thighs and hips?). But these pants give you that extra boost of confidence to show off your curves. The pants draw attention to the pattern, rather than the leg itself, and the black is slimming and tightening. You’ll show off those legs with poise and pizazz!


The Shoes

Here’s where my outfit turns good-girl-gone-bad chic. These sheer, peep-toe heels are super sexy—perfect for strutting my stuff wherever I go. They give a “don’t mess with me” vibe, as I’m ruling over my kingdom. Still a queen—but a queen of fashion!


I love these shoes because they have the leather stripe down the front, which breaks up the shoe and lengthens the look of the legs. (For my short friends, get a heel with a horizontal stripe down the front—it’ll make you look taller!)


These shoes have the leather stiletto in the back, which makes me feel like a secret agent. I picture myself in this outfit putting a kettle of water on the stove, taking on the bad guys, and returning to my couch before the kettle even goes off. Then, it’s time to enjoy my tea after a long day of protecting my kingdom. I absolutely love mixing styles to create an outfit that transports me directly into whatever daydream I can think up!


Throw on a mysterious pair of shades, and you’ll be feeling like a powerful, protective queen in an instant!



The fur jacket from Andrea Moore

The pants from Andrea Moore

Shoes from Andrea Biani

Choker from Trelise Cooper

What do you wear to feel powerful? What kind of outfits do you put together to transport you to a new world? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂