Ever since I was a little girl, I imagined growing up to be a princess (or a queen!). I loved their gorgeous dresses, playful spirits, and most of all the power they held to influence those around them. Princesses are in a dominant role that allows them to positively impact the world…and they look gorgeous while doing it!


This outfit is inspired by the little girl in me. I will always believe that clothing reflects inner personality, and I want to make a princess-like impact with my style.


The Top

This Witchery shirt is one of the most gorgeously feminine pieces I have in my closet. The pale pink is soft and works great with my skin tone for a naturally radiant look. It’s a myth that pale colors wash you out. In fact, everyone can wear pale colors—you just have to pick the right pale shade for your skin tone and hair coloring.


I love the high-neck overlay with the low-cut tank underneath. This gives a sexy yet classy feel that is ultra-feminine. It feeds my spirit with girl power so I’m ready to strut my stuff!


Plus, this Witchery top has a flowy cut that’s breezy and delicate. This gives it a soft vibe, while the neckline and shoulder lines command authority. This top reminds me of something a princess would wear on a day out in the town with her citizens: casually soft and feminine but still confident and strong.


The Pants

Don’t you just adore these black pants? They’re effortlessly stylish—and comfortable too!


They’re similar to my Par Amour outfit pants. They both have zip pockets and show off that yoga booty! But what I love most about these pants is their relaxed versatility. The cut off above the ankle gives it a carefree, easygoing vibe, even though these could easily pass as work pants or going-out pants!


The silver circle that pulls the fabric belt to the side is the centerpiece of this outfit. To me, it’s a symbol of my crown. It reminds me of my inner power and poise—and it encourages me to show off my confidence outwardly too! Plus, it creates a unique and dynamic front that attracts the attention of any of my citizens… 😉


The Shoes



These shoes from Witchery are currently my favorite shoes I own! They slide on for easy access, but they’re super comfy and your foot won’t flop around in them. Plus, the front is professionally pointed, while the back is open and carefree. And don’t you just love the metallic pale pink? I can’t get enough of the Witchery shoe collection!


The Jacket


This green trench is the perfect overlay to tie the entire outfit together. With oversized pockets and a grunge draping, this trench gives an effortlessly chic vibe. Still, the buttons and high neckline give me a fierce and powerful look. I like to roll the sleeves up for a laidback feel—and when I need to get down to business!


The green is subtle and subdued, which works as the perfect backdrop to make the pale pink pop! Plus, I love how the trench flows in the wind behind me—almost like the train of a long, regal princess gown. It’s the little things in life that I enjoy the most… hehe


Shoes from Witchery

Top from Witchery 

Jacket from ASOS

Pants from ZARA


Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below! What’s your favorite pale shade to wear?