Have you ever felt like you needed a new look or flair? Maybe you want to add pearls to your office wear, create an art gallery-ready outfit, or rock heels when you go to the park. Whatever look you’re going for, I encourage you to try it!


One day, I bought a pair of red leather boots. Wearing them around town, I started to feel super confident and sexy! So recently, I’ve decided to get a little edgier with my style—because that’s new and exciting for me! I always love trying out new fashions and looks.

This outfit is a perfect example of my new style!


The HolyChic Jacket


This jacket by Holy Chic is the perfect piece for this season’s trends! Bomber jackets are so hot because they’re incredibly versatile—and gorgeous! They make even the best “good girls” look a little bad. 😉 Better yet, they’re light enough to wear in the cool summer nights, but they’re warm enough when fall rolls around. Plus, the fabric is smooth and perfect for any type of event!


‘90s patches have made a huge comeback, and this jacket has just the right amount of patch trend. The bee patch on the front and the rose patch on the back add flair and personality without going too overboard.


And of course the “Par Amour” lettering on the back is sexy, romantic, and eye-catching! The French Par Amour translates to By Love. This is what I call a “motto jacket” because it tells you how to live your life a certain way. This jacket says to choose to live by love: familial, friendly, romantic, and intimate love all tied together in one.


The Gucci Shirt


Gucci is the OG classy and elegant brand. But this Gucci shirt has “drawn-on handwriting,” which shows a bit of rebellion against the classic. I love how this shirt turns luxury into edgy!


The Black Pants


These pants are more leggings than jeans, and I love how stretchy and comfortable they are. Plus they show off the booty that I’ve spent so many months working on! The two leather straps with silver buckles are subtly cool—with just a touch of edgy.


The Metallic Toe Heels


These heels are more than just your average stiletto. They are black leather booties with a thin heel, making them perfect for any occasion or season. You can match them with jeans, black pants, or even skirts and dresses.


The metallic silver mirrored toe adds another bit of panache, creating a sexy rocker look that matches the subtle buckle on the pants. Plus, this toe has a practical use—the metallic ensures the front of the leather shoe won’t get scuffed up. This lengthens the life of your shoe, so you can use it for seasons to come!


The Glasses And Hair


It’s the little details that count. These red sunglasses give a feline flare to the edgy outfit. They add a pop of color to this neutral ensemble, and they even match the red in the Gucci logo. When I think of “amour,” I think of red, fiery passion, so these sunglasses also reflect that erotic tenacity.


Did you notice my new hair? I’m trying out an intense ombre from dark to light, with jagged layers—which is slightly more hardcore than my usual look. Do you like it? I think it matches perfectly with my new edgy style! 🙂


Bomber Jacket from Holy Chic

Shoes from Andrea Biani

T-shirt from Gucci

Leggings from ASOS

Sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana 


What do you think of the Par Amour jacket by Holy Chic? Let me know in the comments below! Holy Chic is one of my favorite brands—I definitely think you should try it too!