You recently saw an article where I pulled down the top of my Mercedes C-Class convertible and rode off in an elegant green, silky dress with snakeskin heels. But this time, we’re turning around and going in the complete opposite direction! That’s right, everyone. Time to make a fashion U-turn!


The Dress

This Trelise Cooper dress is made for flirty fun. It’s strikingly gorgeous in a way that’s also playful and fun. This colorful dress has beaded sequins and stitchings, giving it a substantial weight that’s great for fall, winter, and early spring. When it’s chilly outside, I love adding an explosion of color to my wardrobe—you’ll brighten everyone’s day!


I love the conservative lines of this dress as well. It accentuates your hips in a subtle way, and the black on the sides is slimming and sleek. This dress stops right above the knee for a traditional look, but can easily come up with a more playful and racy feel. 😉 I love how the cut of this dress allows the colorful designs to really pop!


Can you name all the colors of this dress? Let’s try! Orange, red, pink, aqua, magenta, blue, beige, white, black, … phew, I’m tired!


The Jacket


If you don’t love this Trelise Cooper jacket, then you’re wrong. 🙂 The metallic leather gives a bad-girl, confident vibe (like Catwoman), but the stars and zippers make it spirited and fun. Recently, I’ve really been into pieces with a metallic sheen because it catches the light in a strikingly splendid way.


Notice how the lines and stars of this jacket add a new dimension to the pattern of the dress? Mix and match, ladies!


Trelise Cooper is my fave fashion brand right now—you have to check it out!


The Heels


Don’t you just adore these lovely heels? This frisky fringe gives it a modern-day 70s vibe that is super hot right now! Remember my fringe skirt in “How To Go On Vacation Every Day?”


Pair this with the stiletto heel and the open toe and you’ve got a gorgeous way to flaunt your stuff! Want a pair for yourself? Of course, you do. Check them out here!


The Car


The 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is incredibly versatile. In my last post, you saw this car as a top-down convertible ready to drive the coast. Here, I’ve closed it up for a more athletic, weather-ready approach. But don’t be fooled—even with the top down, this Mercedes is the ultimate in design!


I love how the red seats match the red in my dress, and the dark leather matches my metallic leather jacket! There’s nothing better than matching your car, hehe! Plus, the white exterior works as a great backdrop for a photo shoot anytime, any place! If you’re looking to get into the modeling world (even just on Instagram), you have to be ready for a picture at all times. A white Benz gives you the perfect luxurious setting every time!


Dress from Trelise Cooper

Shoes from ASOS

What do you wear to feel playful chic? Let me know in the comments below!