There’s no better way to enjoy the wonderful weather than spending a day on the pier in the sun, walking arm and arm with a friend, having fun! I chose to wear an elegant, Jackie O-style outfit to enjoy this breezy day by the water! It really put the pep in my step and the pop in my top! hehe

Sexy Sophistication


The Top





I love pairing sexy with sophisticated, almost as much as I love the pairing of black and white together! I love that this top has two necklines: a low v-neck and a choker neck. It draws attention to the face and the bust at the same time, creating an elegant yet sultry “va-va-voom” effect! 😉


The Bottoms


Pairing a polished blouse with a pair of short-shorts gives a literal meaning to the idea that “less is more.” These black shorts with gold studs are trendy, with the edge of a bad girl, but paired with this top it becomes a graceful and chic look!


The Purse




Another great touch of elegance is this small, mini-purse. Mini-bags are a huge trend because they bring ultimate style in a dainty, convenient way. This mini-purse acts as both a short-handled tote and a clutch in one. The gold spokes on the bottom match the studs on the shorts, and its metallic gold coloring creates an accent against the neutral backdrop of black and white!



Blushing Blazer


Pair this sexy, sophisticated outfit with a black and white blazer coat for an elegant, Jackie-O style that screams class and poise. The three-quarter sleeve is polished and cool. It keeps you at the right temperature in the wind and the sun—while still looking fresh and refined!


Style Tip: Your blazer or coat should always end off at the same place as your shorts or skirt. If it’s longer, your pants get hidden and you may look “naked under there,” which may not always be appropriate. But if the over-layer is too short, it can make you appear shorter and squatter. Instead, a jacket that is the same length as your shorts or skirt elongates your legs and gives a unified appearance to the entire ensemble.


The pier was the perfect place to spend time with a friend. It almost felt like an airy, blank canvas on which I can write my own fashion story! A story of sophistication and elegance—with my own sultry spin!


Top from ASOS

Shorts from ASOS

Shoes from Jeffery Campbell

Bag from Hermes

Photo by Felix – CreationHeart Photography

What kind of fashion story are you going to tell today? You can leave comments below.