You sure about that? Just kidding! Nothing‘s hotter than Jennifer Lopez. Duh.

Sometimes an outfit is all about an incredible statement piece, but sometimes it’s made up of all the little details. Accessories can really add to an outfit, and the right little details can change your entire look. Use accessories to tap into current trends, express your personality, or add quirky details to your outfit. Similarly, careful styling details can entirely change how a piece looks.

But first, lets see how much celebrities love it too. (or would you rather take a selfie first?hehe)

From left :Taylor Swift,Jessica Wright, Ariana Grande, Jessica Stein and Laura Whitmore

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Taylor Swift, Natalie La Rose and Charlotte Moss(didn’t know Kate Moss had a sister…)



Floral Skort

skort 1


The wrap shape of this skort gives a completely different look than an A-line or body con skirt, and in a way compliments the length of your leg.  I am a fan of most of skort style, I have to say. I find they are unique and beautiful  piece to spice up your look yet still comfortable enough as shorts  (best of both world). The silhouette is still sleek and elegant but also unusual and eye-catching. Florals can be cute and girly, but in bold colors and with a tough black border, There is nothing sugary sweet about this skirt. Click To TweetEspecially when combined with all black, this floral print looks graphic and edgy.


Lace up shoes


Lace-up shoes have been everywhere for the past few seasons, so why not take the trend and make it your own? Higher lacing adds a serious edge to these shoes and is a little more unusual than the ankle lacing we’ve all tried already. Gladiator sandals come in and out of fashion all the time but these are a far sleeker, more modern version.






Textured sweater

skort 3

It’s easy to assume that all black equals boring, but this sweater proves just how untrue that is. Make head to toe black interesting with a rich mixture of textures and details. The quilting on this sweater is subtle, but just enough to catch the light and draw the eye.

Skull clutch

skort 4


Not what you expect with florals, perhaps. This delicate skull-detailed clutch is another subtle, edgy touch that could easily be overlooked but adds so much depth to the outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with tougher-looking accessories to shift the balance between dark and girly.


Hair accessory

skort 4


It’s so easy to forget about hair! Take the opportunity to add one more accessory and look for gorgeous hair slides or headbands. This is also a great way to ensure that your outfit looks just as beautiful and interesting from behind as it does from the front.






Skort from River Island 

Heels from Giuseppe Zanotti

Clutch from Thomas Wylde

Sunglasses from MIUMIU

What are your favorite styling tricks for completely transforming an outfit?