You can’t possible have missed how popular yoga is. From high-tech yoga wear to lifestyle blogs, yoga has found its way into every facet of modern life.

Not just a form of exercise, it has become an entire lifestyle. Click To Tweet

Here are the key things that you should know about yoga – and, of course, about yoga fashion.

What is yoga?



Yoga is a form of meditation and exercise that has been practiced for over 5000 years in India. It is based around different poses, or positions, and carefully measured patterns of breathing. Today, yoga is used both as a spiritual practice and as a way to exercise and tone. Click To Tweet


How to get started with yoga



The best and simplest way to begin yoga is to find a class near you. A good yoga teacher will help you to develop your yoga skills without pushing you too hard or allowing you to risk injury. If classes aren’t a possibility, there are also plenty of yoga YouTube channels and videos available online to help you learn the ancient art of yoga.


Yoga Fashion 




Like any other type of fashion, yoga fashion is constantly changing and developing. But unlike everyday fashion, it is important to choose yoga clothes that perform well and don’t just look great. Try to buy from a reputable sportswear brand or specialized yoga company.




Once you know that your yoga wear will help you to achieve your very best results, it’s time to think about looking great! There is so much beautiful yoga wear available to buy that you will be spoiled for choice. This pastel combination is perfectly on-trend and suited for all kinds of yoga and other exercise.


Bra top from Lululemon

Legging from Alo yoga


Are you already a yoga fan, or are you feeling inspired to try it for the first time? What are yor favorite yoga clothes? You can leave comments below.