Are you ready for a full exercise routine?

Warm Up

It is incredibly important to warm up properly before you start any kind of workout. Don’t be tempted to skip! Warming up will gradually prepare your body for exercise by increasing your heart rate gently before you jump into all of the hard work. Loosening your joints and stretching your muscles will lower the risk of injury.


I normally start my training with 10 minutes inclined run.



Chair Dips

Chair dips (also known as triceps dips) are a wonderful way to strengthen and tone your arms. They are easy to do anywhere, at any time, and fantastic as part of a whole-body work out routine.



Dips are simple – rest the palms of your hands on a chair so that your fingers are gripping the edge. With your feet flat on the floor, slide your body forwards off the chair, so that most of your weight is being supported by your arms. Bend your elbows to lower your body towards the floor (where you bum is almost touching the floor) then straighten them again to raise.

Find out more benefits here.




Cycling is an amazing way to improve your overall fitness. It can help you to lose weight and become much fitter, without putting too much strain on your joints or the rest of your body. Cycling in a gym is a great workout, especially if you would rather not cycle outside on the road.


Today’s Workout Routine

10mins inclined run on treadmill

3×10 Chair Dips

30mins Cycling

5-10mins stretches

What’s your favorite workout move?