Do these red boots look familiar to you?

A lot of us are hesitant to purchase a bold shoe. Shoes work to pull together the whole outfit, so they need to match perfectly. You don’t want a pair of red boots just sitting in your closet with nowhere to wear them.


But I’m here to show you just how versatile a daring, colorful shoe can be!


We saw these boots with my bad girl look, showing off that confident, naughty side. Here, though, we can use these same shoes to have a classy and sophisticated look!



Rocking the Refined


I’m a huge fan of a neutral canvas with a pop of color. With a beige jacket and black trim, you’ll look elegant and refined. I always feel a little like a princess when I wear this clean-cut, flattering jacket. (I absolutely love a three-quarter sleeve on any jacket—perfect to show off rings, bracelets, and watches if you want!)


The red boot gives the outfit that splash of audacious color. These boots keep your legs warm while still letting you show off your dress or shorts in the chilly fall and winter weather.




Accessorize for a Bang


And of course, you can’t forget the purse! This Louis Vuitton red purse is the perfect addition to this outfit. The gold chain pairs with my jacket’s sophisticated and timeless look, while the red matches my boots in a pop of color that ties the whole outfit together seamlessly.


Add a bold red lip so you’re consistently fearless and sexy from head to toes!


Red is the color of the season!



Bold and Beautiful


This outfit will keep you warm while also looking red carpet ready! Let your hair flow and fly as you strut your stuff, gorgeous!



Bag from Louis Vuitton

Boots from Public Desire

Jacket from Topshop



Do you see now how a red boot can add a fun and unique touch to your closet? Have I convinced you yet? How would you rock these red boots? Let us know.