When you think of an all-pink outfit, you probably think of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or a classic Barbie doll. I like to change it up, though! I wear all pink in a good girl gone bad sort of way, where different shades of pink bring out a new and sexy look. I call it “Legally Blonde Goes Rogue.” Hehe. 🙂


In this outfit, you’ll notice that every element except my blouse has a different shade of the same subdued, pale pink. This tonal trend (which you saw in my blue and white outfit) gives a unified but dynamic appearance that makes it perfect for strutting your stuff and owning the town. The shoes and jacket have the brightest pink, which makes them stand out the most, while the other shades add background layers to create a cohesive aesthetic.


The Jacket


The pink and green stripes of this trench fur jacket create a fashion powerhouse. From the large collar and oversized sleeves to the knee-length trench, this jacket screams luxury and sophistication. The wide shoulders give it a powerful, confident silhouette that makes any woman feel gorgeous, sexy, and authoritative.


I absolutely love clothing that makes you feel powerful, like a strong red military jacket or a flirty artful dress. It’s actually been shown that how you dress can influence and reflect your self-image and personality! Check out this Huffpost article to learn more about this fashion phenomenon!


This jacket is the epitome of command and confidence! Click To Tweet


The Shoes



My shoes are the other stars of the show. The suede pink stilettos are the classic feminine style mixed with a stunning, rich color. Thin stilettos are hot this spring 2017—but I think that’s because they never go out of fashion! These shoes are a pop of color that can go with just about any outfit, from the office to happy hour to even a walk in the garden! Actually no, it would just sink into the dirt, so don’t do that ladies.


The Bag




Pale pink Prada. This off-pink color is perfect, as it is neutral while also adding a pop of color. I love bag feet because it gives such a clean-cut and polished appearance—plus you can set it down without getting your gorgeous Prada bag dirty! There’s nothing better than a good accessory if you ask me!




The Pants and Blouse

The pants and top are actually in the background to help show off the jacket, shoes, and bag at the forefront. The pants are light pink to reflect the other shades of the outfit, and the zip crop helps show off the heels (and ankles). I love this zipped look—it’s perfect to mix and match jeans with heels for a sexy and exciting style!


The top is white ribbed knit and loose fitting, so it becomes a great backdrop for the jacket. This blouse ends just above the wrists and has a lower neckline, but it still emphasizes the waist. My favorite part of this top, though, is just how comfortable it is!


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Fur coat from Trelise Cooper

Jeans from Guess

Bag from Prada

Shoes from Christian Louboutin

Would you wear this outfit? Let me know what you think in the comments below! I love to hear from my ladies 🙂