I am all about Trelise Cooper this season! If you haven’t seen her collections, you’re missing out! As an example, check out this spring velvety green ensemble!

The Skirt

This is the Trelise Cooper Crispy Irresistible Skirt—and it is definitely irresistible! I love how the pleats are long and sophisticated, and there are even smaller-cut pleats within the traditional pleats that further add dimension to this flowing skirt! It has the perfect amount of movement when you walk, making this skirt sultry and sexy!


This emerald green takes the jewel tone home decor trend of 2017 and amplifies it in the wardrobe in a stunningly gorgeous way! Metallics are also hot this season with a resurgence of the 90s, so the shimmery overlay gives off that unique pre-millennial vibe.


The Jacket


This is easily one of the most gorgeous pieces I have in my wardrobe! This green jacket is more than just a blazer—it is wearable art in its own right! It almost feels like an old-world luxury with the intricate detailing and the stunning silhouette. I feel stunningly regal when I wear this jacket because of its rich tone and even richer detailing.


This sharp, statement jacket is the Go Greener Jacket by Trelise Cooper. The unique lines give the wearer a thin and striking shape. I recommend that everyone have a Trelise Cooper jacket in their closet! You’ll feel as confident and sexy as you look!


The Shirt

I love the look of a fun, wild animal print paired with the unified color of the skirt and jacket. This white leopard print gives a new pattern to the look of this outfit, which makes the queenliness of the jacket and skirt pop out even more.


If you were to put a plain shirt under this jacket, you’d look very polished—you’d almost look like you were going to the opera or to a fancy event! But an exciting print gives the outfit a casual and trendy appearance, so you can flaunt your style all around town. It helps you stand out! 🙂


The Shoes


Add another texture with sparkled shoes! I love these because they are comfortable loafers that are easy to walk in, but the design on top makes them chic and fun! I love the look of a skirt with flats or loafers, because it gives off that cool-girl vibe! It’s both fashionable and functional! It shows that you’re ready to take control of whatever you’re doing!

Blazer from Trelise Cooper

Skirt from Trelise Cooper

Jumper from ASOS

Shoes from Dior

I love this green outfit by Trelise Cooper! What do you think? 🙂