Power pantsuits aren’t just for the office anymore. They add a gorgeous look to any event, since they’re so tailored and flattering! Plus, they look great on every woman no matter size or shape because they hug all the right areas—and hide the not-so-great ones! Check out this article by StyleCaster with some hot celebrities pulling off the pantsuit look!


The Red Pantsuit


This isn’t your traditional pantsuit. The fiery red mixed with the white and black stripes creates a unique look that will catch the eye of all passersby! This pantsuit comes from Trelise Cooper, one of my absolute favorite designers! She doesn’t just create clothing—she creates wearable art. Every piece is exceptionally bold and shows off the personality of the wearer. I believe that fashion is a way of expressing yourself every day through art—read my article How To Wear Art to learn more!





I love how these pants hug my toned legs, and the cropped bottom shows off my ankles (like we saw in my recent party-ready outfit, Celebrating Fashion, Confidence, and You). But I also love that the jacket is a little bit loose, so it falls off the shoulder in a casual and sexy way.


Doesn’t this outfit kind of remind you of my 80s military jacket look? It’s all about empowering and authoritative looks in my closet this season!



The Shirt And Shoes

When you have a bold pantsuit, the shirt and shoes should be a matching backdrop that accentuates the features of the suit. At the same time, it should relax the look of the outfit so it’s not too out-there. That’s why I choose a white, collared blouse to go underneath. The best part of this shirt, though, is that it has subdued cartoon pictures in white, black, and shades of red. This adds some more fun and goofiness to the outfit— but in a gentle way!


Tie up the blouse for a more casual look, or tuck it in to be more polished. You can even wear this vibrant pantsuit to the office with a solid black or white shirt underneath—you’ll definitely be the authority in that boardroom.




The black loafers are professional, but still flirty and fun! With their red and black band with gold accents, they are able to match the outfit’s red with white and black stripes. The white pearls on the heel further tie together the outfit while adding a classy and distinct touch!


Pair it with a timeless, gold and black YSL purse to pull the whole look together. I love mixing the trendy with the traditional and the playful with the polished.




The Blazer from Trelise Cooper

Trouser  from Trelise Cooper

Shirt from Zara

Shoes from Gucci

Bag from YSL

What do you think of this pantsuit? Would you wear this? Let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂