Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, doing yoga for strength or flexibility, wearing yoga clothes to workout or just to lounge out—you will fall madly in love with the OMG sportswear brand! And you’ll love wearing this comfortable, stylish, and sweat-ready apparel in a bright, free, and vivacious studio like True Yoga!



The Sports Bra




I adore my friend’s two-piece workout ensemble! She is wearing the OMG two-toned sports bra, which adds a bit of texture and style to your yoga routine! I love how this bra is made of neutral, cool colors, and yet it’s still vibrant! This sports bra is so comfortable since the light material moves with your body as if it were just an extension of your muscles!


The Yoga Pants





The same is true for this comfortable OMG yoga pants. The heather texture adds a unique look that goes beyond the traditional “black yoga pants” to create a trendy appearance. The “hip hugger” waistband keeps your pants from shifting during more intense moves, and it actually helps to cinch your tummy in. Show off that core while you work it!



The Yoga Studio


True Yoga is one of my favorite yoga studios because it is light, airy, and meditative. This studio has floor to ceiling windows that look out to the sunny days and greenery of the trees below. I always feel so grounded when I’m stretching and moving in tandem with the breeze blowing through the tree leaves outside.


Did you know that bright, natural light can actually boost your mood and productivity? The more light you get, the happier you are! Plus, it has also been proven that yoga can improve brain performance and energy levels. I feel refreshed just looking at these carefree yoga photos!


That’s why an open and airy studio like True Yoga is perfect to center yourself and walk out with a pep in your step—ready to take on the rest of your day! (Or ready to go have more fun in the sun because you can’t get enough yoga!)



Where is your favorite place to do yoga? What do you wear there? Let me know in the comments below!