Hey guys, welcome back to Fiji haha, let me take you through my next day of the trip.

Paint party 


At sundown, the Sundowner Party began. Local artists came by to indulge guests to experience body paint sessions and play acoustic island-flavored music as we enjoyed the party at the beach. We all mostly dressed up in white, taming the electrifying lights, great music, colorful body art, and delicious cocktails.


Day 3: Cloud 9 + White Dinner + Culture Performance 

On the final leg of our Fiji adventure at the 2016 BlueSky Party hosted by George FM, we made sure we participated in all the fantastic activities lined up for the day.


Cloud 9


The day started with a boat trip to the waters where guests lounged around in the deck in colorful bathing suits, dark glasses, and dainty hats, basking in the sun while sipping on refreshing drinks. A bar was set up inside the boat and the best DJs in the house provided music. Guests were allowed to jump in the water and swim near the boat. It was a whole day affair so I made sure I got protective sun screen on while enjoying the sun and the inviting crystal blue waters.



Elegant White Dinner


It was a classy evening after a fun day in the sun as we indulged in super delish tropical offerings and refreshing island drinks during dinner which started just a few hours before the sun hid behind the clouds. We wore the classic white which was an elegant color of choice for our final festive activity in the island.



I wore a white spaghetti-strapped tank top paired with a white flowing skirt that complemented the beautiful tan I earned from two days of bathing in the sun.



We were treated to a great selection of food – mostly grilled – and drinks as we were seated at tables and chairs elegantly dressed up in immaculate white and set up right by the beach.



Ending the Night with a Cultural Classic


Dinner was followed by cultural performances by locals who danced, sang and performed artistic numbers. The thrilling fire dance was eye candy to me and the hula number was fun and energetic. We partied the night away before going back to our cottages to prepare for our long trip back home the next day.



To sum up, our island getaway was the bomb and coming back for another exciting island party next year in Fiji is definitely on my “Let’s Do It Again” list.


Have you been to Fiji? Hope after reading my post, it will get you excited to travel and explore more. You can leave comments below.