Hi gorgeous! Are you struggling to keep your new year’s resolution? Me too. It’s already that time where we start to fall back into old habits.

But I’m determined this year! I vowed to work out every day to keep my mind and body in tip-top shape. It’s not always easy getting back into a workout routine, though. Sometimes your body can feel tight and lazy, which can make exercising nearly impossible.


Stretching is the best way to warm-up those sluggish muscles and get them ready for a workout! So I’ve compiled a list of my top five yoga stretches to get you moving and grooving.



Vibrant Motivation


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This trippy sports bra is my favorite workout partner, especially with the peek-a-boo strap in the back. I also love the flowing lines on these pants, which add a unique dimension to the traditional yoga pant.


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So let’s get going in this outfit! Here are the top five moves to get you stretched out.



  1. Standing Separate Leg Stretching


Start your stretches with the standing separate leg stretching pose to boost circulation right away. It will work the back of your legs, your glutes, and your lower back—that’s the longest section of muscle top to bottom that you can stretch at one time! It improves flexibility in your ankles and hips, which will loosen you up for cardio later in the workout.


This pose isn’t easy—especially if you can get your head all the way down to the floor! Because it takes so much effort, you actually burn calories! If you start your workout already burning fat, your body will immediately go into “fierce mode.”



  1. Standing Bow Pulling Pose


This is another challenging yoga pose that will stretch you out and warm you up, while at the same time calming your mind. The standing bow pulling pose circulates blood to your organs and muscles, getting you ready to work out and take on the day.


As you raise your leg to the sky, this pose seems to ground you even further. You can almost feel your lower foot sinking into the earth as your balance and center of gravity shifts.



  1. Balancing Stick


Do you feel extra balanced after doing the standing bow pulling pose? Next try out its cousin pose, the balancing stick. It keeps you connecting to the ground while strengthening your upper thighs, buttocks, shoulders, abs, and ankles.


This pose actually stimulates and strengthens the heart, opening up the heart chakra and releasing any negative emotions. There are significant emotional effects of exercise—like positive endorphins that make you feel happy. But it works the other way, too. In order to get the full fat-burning effects of a workout routine, you need to set aside your problems and focus on the pose in front of you. The balancing stick helps put you in the right mindset for your workout routine.



  1. Bridge Pose


One of my favorite ways to warm up my abs, back, and legs all at once is the bridge pose. It opens up the chest and increases lung capacity—boosting your endurance for some cardio later on. This pose also improves digestion and regulates metabolism, giving you fat-burning results long after the workout is over.


There are a few variations of the bridge pose depending on your skill level and desired stretch. Place your arms underneath you and shift back on to your shoulder blades, lifting your buttocks up to the ceiling to stretch out the spine, thighs, and hips.



For a slightly more challenging rendition, lift your leg while you push your buttocks up from the floor. This will strengthen your core and burn fat while also opening up your hips and chest in a deep stretch.



  1. Seated Twist


The seated twist (also known as half lord of the fishes pose) is my favorite way to conclude my warm-up—or even to finish my cool down! Exhale as you twist to one side, placing your elbow gently on the outside of your knee. This will stretch your abs, spine, thighs, and arms while also quieting your mind. The seated twist engages your gut, so as you breathe out, you’re breathing out any built up toxins. Seems like a great pose to release all the bad and take in all the good this new year!


These five yoga poses will warm up your muscles to be ready for a workout—or they’re good on their own to burn some calories and gain flexibility and strength!


What I love most about this set is that each pose engages not only your muscles but also your emotions. They force negative feelings and toxins to release from the body. One of the best consequences of working out is a clear mind and a happy mood!


Top from Victoria Secret

Legging from Nike

What do you think of these 5 warm-up yoga poses? How do you warm-up and stay positive?