Hi lovelies! You are going to absolutely adore this outfit just as much as I do! It mixes formal with casual, neutral with vibrant, and fun with flirty. To top it off, it only has two pieces, making it simple and easy to throw on!

And to change the scenes, I decided to shot this outfit inside a studio rather than on the street this time.


Black and White and Red All Over


What’s black and white and red all over?


A newspaper! Get it? Read all over… Hehe


What else is black and white and red all over? This gorgeous white dress with black polka dots and red flowers!


You know that I think black and white is definitely making the world a better place—I always talk about this color combination! It’s classy, chic, and elegant all at the same time. It’s fashion-forward but also timeless. Mixing black and white together is simple while sparking a stark contrast that draws the eye.



Red Isn’t The Accent?


Surprisingly, the red in this dress isn’t the most vibrant piece, unlike the red pants in my previous posts! Instead, these floral reds lay in the background as a delicate accentuation of the black polka dots. Your eye isn’t drawn to the red flowers as much as it is drawn to the rich, black neckline and waistline, showing off that feminine form!


These layers of colors—white then red then black—create a textured effect that subtly grabs attention. It has a similar effect to a landscape print in that there is a foundational base in the background with a strong accent in the foreground.


This effect is popping up all over the stores and magazines. If you can’t find a dress with this layered look, you can get the same effect yourself by mixing and matching neutral shades with a brighter pop of color in the background! For example, wear a metallic shirt with a black sweater or a bright skirt with a black and white top.



Mingling Prints



With spring coming up, florals are of course a trend of the season. However, 2017’s fashion trends aren’t looking at traditional, girly floral prints. There are going to be contrasts that create a rough, bad-girl gone good vibe. (That’s right, the bad girls are going good for the spring!)


Mix these florals with another springy trend, polka dots, to create a unique look. Flower prints are conventional, and polka dots have been done—but put them together to create a distinct style!




Sassy Shoes


Finally, you may notice that my shoes add one more texture to the layered look of the dress! With these parallel lines going across the top of my foot, the symmetry directly contrasts with the free-flowing dots and florals in the dress.

These open-toed shoes create that summery, sundress feel, but the heel gives it a more formal look.




Dress from ONLY

Shoes from Schutz

I think I’m ready for an art show in this dynamic outfit! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!