I’m bringing yoga to a new level! For this workout, I decided to travel to the roof of a carpark building to tone up at new heights!


A High-Flying Outfit


I put on my black and gray patterned lululemon long sleeve because I love the way it accentuates my arms—and showing off the abs makes me want to work that much harder! I paired it with a soft lavender and periwinkle lululemon pant that has the perfect amount of comfort, flexibility, and style! Pop on Kanye West YEEZY grey sneakers (you know I love sneaker style) to match my top and I was ready to “raise the roof!” hehe.



  1. Splits


After a quick warm-up, I decided to start with a repetition of splits—right at the edge of the building! This fence was just the height I needed to get a good stretch in my inner thighs, calves, core, and glutes!


This stunning view of the city pushed me to hold the split just a little bit longer, which really helped to elongate my stance and make me taller and leaner!


It takes a lot of core strength to do a standing split, so work your way up to it with these helpful tips from Shape Magazine’s step-by-step breakdown to a full split!



  1. Warrior II


Warrior II is a great move to get a wider range of motion in your hips, build endurance in your lower body, and strengthen the spine and back muscles. It also improves your circulation and respiration, which gives you more stamina and energy! Did you know that yoga is one of the healthiest ways to fight fatigue and invigorate your muscles? Click To Tweet


It’s important to remember to do the Warrior II pose on both sides. Many people feel more comfortable on one side and neglect to switch their lean. This can cause a misalignment of your spine, and it makes you feel “off” the rest of the day. You don’t want your balance out of whack on the top of a building!



  1. Standing Bow Pulling Pose


Of course you don’t need to do the Standing Bow Pulling Pose on top of a four feet beam—but it was fun, exhilarating, and an intense challenge! From so high up, I felt myself gaining center and distance from all of my everyday worries. Sometimes it is good to take a step back—or a step up—in order to fully meditate and achieve a clear mental space.


This pose takes a lot of technique, practice, and balance—so don’t get frustrated if you can’t do it at first. It’s a good idea to practice on a wall to make sure your hips and knees are properly aligned. Check out this article by Evolution Yoga for some secrets to help you perfect this posture!




  1. Stretch


No matter what you do—make sure you stretch after every workout!


Take deep breaths to fully relax into your meditative state. Do at least three breaths in and out slowly, feeling your tummy expand and contract. These simple breaths will help you leave your workout calmer, more relaxed, and more invigorated!



I feel so energized after that workout, I could almost climb the building! (Don’t worry, I won’t.) Let me know in the comments what you think of this gravity-defying workout shoot!



Crop top and legging are from Lululemon

Sneaker is from Yeezy 350 

Do you like Yoga? What is your killer yoga outfit? You can leave comments below.